San Jose to SJO Airport in Alajuela

I’ve started this route page to help us share information about getting from San Jose to the airport. It’s a common question and I will add information here as travellers submit it. If you have done the local bus to the airport, please write about it in a comment below.

One traveler says:

“I took an Alajuela bound bus from the station on Libertador Juan Rafael Mora Porras, across the street from Parque de la Merced. The bus provider is Tuasa and the fare was 565 colones. We left the station at 12:25 PM and I arrived at SJO Airport at about 1:05 PM, though there was traffic on the way and the bus does make stops. The bus dropped me off on the road right outside the international terminal for SJO Airport – just a quick walk up the ramp and you will make it into the terminal. Wanted to forward this along for travelers on a budget who are trying to get to central San Jose without shelling out $25 for a taxi. A photo of the bus is attached to this email. This trip took place on February 9th, 2019.” – Ed

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