El Tunco to Suchitoto

Heading from El Tunco to Suchitoto? Here is how you do it nice and quick! Grab the 102A (a/c microbus) from El Tunco (or La Libertad) this bus starts in Sunzal. It will cost $1.50 and will take you all the way into San Salvador. From the last stop, take a taxi to the Punto de Microbuses Ruta 140. It isn’t far from where you are dropped off, but this area of San Salvador isn’t the greatest and I am told by locals that the safety of this area is improving, but I myself prefer to take the cheap taxi ride which only about 17 blocks and shouldn’t cost you more than $5.  Once you are at Punto de Microbuses 140, you will know you are getting on the right bus because it will be labeled Suchitoto in big letters. This bus will cost you $0.90 and takes about 1hr.


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  1. aaron

    Just a heads up if anyone is reading this in 2024 or later, you can NOT catch the bus to Suchitoto from Punto de Microbuses 140 anymore. The information is outdated. Learned that the hard way today. The part from El Tunco to San Salvador is correct, but from San Salvador to Suchitoto, you need to take the bus from Terminal Nuevo Amanecer which is about 7km away from where to get dropped off. Also watch out for rip-off cab prices. Always ask beforehand and don’t pay too much.

    • aaron

      Typo fix: Where YOU* get dropped off.

  2. Nino

    Be aware of Belize, there are so many thieves and drugs, even police are corrupt

  3. Nino

    EL SALVADOR is Safer for tourist, compare to neighbour country Honduras And Guatemala,
    Since the police got harder on criminals, many has fleed out of the country

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