Copan Ruinas to Utila

Route information for Copan Ruinas to Utila has been sent to us from the adventure traveller at A big thanks to Alex for this contribution!

!! MUST leave early (7am) to reach the island the same day, as the ferry runs only twice a day: 9am & 4pm. The slow ferry was broken with no estimated time to repair.

#1: 8:30 shuttle bus from Copan bus terminal to La Entrada – 70 Lempiras, hop off and hop on the new bus

#2: 10:36 chicken bus to San Pedro Sula – 100 Lempiras, arrive at 12:40 at a very big bus terminal. If you take the same bus, don’t waste time in the bus terminal and try to get the first bus out to Ceiba (sellers will tell you their bus goes first. Check!).

#3: 13:45 bus to Ceiba 115 Lempiras (another company would sell the ticket for 125 Lempiras). Arrive at 18:00 to Ceiba (there is Walmart and lots of fast foods, and a hostel right in front of the bus stop) – 10USD/night with AC.

#4 Taxi to the ferry (the next day)- 50 Lempiras/person (6 people)

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  1. Ben

    We left today at 6.00 am from Copan to Utila and we catched the ferry.
    We arrived in San Pedro Sula at 10.30. Somebody was already coming to us to show where we have to buy the tickets and where the bus is. The bus directly left when we get in and we were in La Ceiba at around 14.30. We heard afterwards that the bus from San Pedro Sula had 1 h delay.
    When we arrived in La Ceiba we took the taxi and had easy time.
    But I do not know when the buses are leaving normally San Pedro Sula.
    The prices are right.
    Thank you

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you, Ben!

  2. Mayrav

    This is a really easy trip on public transport and saves $30USD compared to the shuttles.

    A minibus leaves copan ruinas at 6am and 7am to San Pedro Sula. To get to Utila in 1 day you need to take the 6am bus. It costs 140L and you should arrive 15mins early to get a decent seat.

    We took the 7am bus which arrived at San Pedro Sula at 11.20.

    We took the 12.45 (only actually left at 1.15) Diana Express bus to La Ceba for 115L which arrived at 6pm. There were quite a few companies that left at 11am which should arrive at La Ceba in time for the 4.40 ferry.

    We stayed overnight at a hotel next to the bus terminal before taking a taxi the next day for 100L to the ferry.

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you!

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