El Rama

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Managua to El Rama

The Mercado Ivan Montenegro is home to the Terminal Costa Atlantica. Which exclusively has expreso service every day to Bluefields via El Rama. Talking to the ticket lady we are told that both your bus and panga ticket are bundled together in the price, which is currently 174C$. The trip takes 5hrs and is a bit more comfortable than the buses to El Rama from the Terminal Mayorero.


We aren’t sure if you need to book your ticket in advance but these are the numbers listed for reservations:

2253-2879 Managua

2517-0073 Rama

2572-0131 Bluefields


More information coming soon.

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Photo taken in Managua at the Mercado Ivan Montenegro. The Terminal Costa Atlantica provides service from Managua to Bluefields (via El Rama)

Photo taken: May 2017

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  1. Daniel

    We got an expresso from terminal mercado mayorero, left Managua at 9am. We had to change in Juigalpa and got a chicken bus from there arriving in El Rama at 3pm. Total Cost C$200, 100 for each section.

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