Corn Islands

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There are a few great travel bloggers out there who have tried and tested a trip to the Corn Islands without flying. Here are a few we have found particularly good!

DIY Travel HQ: Getting to the Corn Islands without flying


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Can you recommend other great Bluefields/Corn Islands travel blog posts? 


Managua to Bluefields

The Mercado Ivan Montenegro is home to the Terminal Costa Atlantica. Which exclusively has expreso service every day to Bluefields via El Rama. Talking to the ticket lady we are told that both your bus and panga ticket are bundled together in the price, which is currently 174C$. The trip takes 5hrs and is a bit more comfortable than the buses to El Rama from the Terminal Mayorero. See photo below for the schedule.


We aren’t sure if you need to book your ticket in advance but these are the numbers listed for reservations:

2253-2879 Managua

2517-0073 Rama

2572-0131 Bluefields



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Photo taken in Managua at the Mercado Ivan Montenegro. The Terminal Costa Atlantica provides service from Managua to Bluefields (via El Rama)

Photo taken: May 2017

2 travel tips for Corn Islands - share your tips below!

  1. Johanna

    There is a Ferry leaving from Bluefields 2x per week on Wendsday and Saturday at 9am for 255 Cordobas. For the way back, the Ferry leaves Thursdays and Sundays.

    There are straight busses to Bluefields from Managua, leaving from Terminal Costa Caribbean between 6am and 11pm. The run daily, 8 per day.

  2. Jo Keith

    There are two ways you can get to the Corn Islands. I have done one, and i have friends who have done the other so i will try and write about both. With both options you first get to Big Corn, and then it’s the same method to get to Little Corn.

    Option 1

    By far the easiest and quickest (and more expensive) option is to fly. You can fly from Managua airport to Big Corn Island on airline La Costena. They fly 3 times a day, sometimes with a short stop in Bluefields. Total flight time is just over an hour. You leave from the domestic terminal at Managua airport which is right next door to the international terminal. There is a good website with flight times although apparently it costs $15 extra to book online rather than through an agency. Also, if you book via an agency, you can request an open ended ticket which you cannot do online. The price is approximately $180 return. You are allowed a luggage allowance of 15kg for your checked bag and 10kg for your hand luggage. Once you arrive on Big Corn you can either walk or take a taxi to the pier to get the panga to Little Corn. It is about a 45 minute walk, or 20 cordoba per person in a taxi.

    Option 2

    This option is much cheaper but very very unpredictable as boats do not leave when they say they will! First you need to get the bus from Managua to El Rama (approx 6 hours). There you get a boat to Bluefields (approx 2 hours), and then another boat to Big Corn (approx 6 hours, cost $10). The boat from Bluefields to Big Corn leaves once a week and times vary, although at the moment it is leaving on a Saturday. I think sometimes there is another boat each week but this isn’t running at the moment (April 2016). The big problem with this route is that you don’t know when the boats are going to leave so it’s very hard to plan and you might end up waiting at Bluefields for a long time.

    With either of the above options, you will arrive at the pier on Big Corn island. From there you take the panga to Little Corn (30 mins, 145 cordoba per person). The pangas leave Big Corn at 10:30am and 4:30pm. For the return, pangas leave Little Corn for Big Corn at 6:30am and 1:30pm. The panga ride is bumpy and can be wet! Also, the pangas do not run if the wind is above a certain speed so bear this in mind. There are also a few larger boats that travel between Big Corn and Little Corn but i don’t know anything about these.

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