Managua – Mercado Ivan Montenegro

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The Mercado Ivan Montenegro is home to the Terminal Costa Atlantica. Which exclusively has expreso service every day to Bluefields via El Rama. Talking to the ticket lady we are told that both your bus and panga ticket are bundled together in the price, which is currently 174C$. The trip takes 5hrs and is a bit more comfortable than the buses to El Rama from the Terminal Mayorero. There is a photo of a poster at the station, which lists the times.


New direct connection from Managua to Bluefields

A couple of helpful travellers named Fabian and Lydia have told us there is a new direct connection to Bluefields. The road is still under construction in parts but you can now find a direct bus for 280C$ that takes 8.5 hrs and doesn’t go via El Rama. It seems the other bus via El Rama isn’t running at the moment (March 2018).

The schedule is:

From Managua – 9am, 2pm, 9pm, 6am
From Bluefields – 4am, 5.30am, 6.30am, 4pm


We aren’t sure if you need to book your ticket in advance but these are the numbers listed for reservations:

2253-2879 Managua

2517-0073 Rama

2572-0131 Bluefields


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NEW direct bus to Bluefields
Photo: March 2018

NEW direct bus to Bluefields
Photo: March 2018

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  1. Timothée Gérard

    Hola !

    On the 5th of march 2020, we were told at the Mercado Ivan Montenegro that bus for Bluefield only leave at 5am and 9pm. They are leaving much more frequently from the Costa Caraibben terminal in Mercado Mayoreo.

  2. Eduardo S Gutierrez N

    Hi!!Queremos ir (2) a Bluefields directo:Cuanto el pasaje directo al destino.Gracias

  3. Claudio

    Just in case anybody wants to leave from this terminal or from mayorero these days. I am here and tried yesterday evening and also today. But due to the situation in Managua many buses don’t run. We couldn’t find any bus to Bluefields or El Rama. They told us just to wait. Wait for hours or maybe until monday. Consider this when planing!

  4. Sarah

    Hola! Quick question – does the new direct bus to Bluefields also leave from Terminal Costa Atlantica and is it possible to turn up and buy the ticket to travel on the same day or do you have to book in advance? Muchas gracias

    • centrocoasting

      Hi there, as far as we know it does. One traveller reported that she called and they held a seat for her. It’s impossible to say whether you’d for sure get a seat this way or if you show up before it leaves. Make sure you read the comment above about travel disruptions though.

  5. N orma Rodriguez

    que dia toca salida a blufiel viernes 13 de octubre o el sabado porque me dicen que no sale todos los dias, quiero ir el fin de semana a blufiel.

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