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Bluefields, your gateway to the magnificent Corn Islands. But, also a place not to be missed.


Managua to Bluefields

The Mercado Ivan Montenegro is home to the Terminal Costa Atlantica. Which exclusively has service to Bluefields. You can also find buses to El Rama from the Terminal Mayorero.


New direct connection from Managua to Bluefields

There is a new direct connection to Bluefields. The road is still under construction in parts but you can now find a direct bus for 280C$ that takes 8.5 hrs and doesn’t go via El Rama. It seems the other old bus via El Rama isn’t running at the moment, or possibly at all anymore (March 2018).

The schedule is:

From Managua – 9am, 2pm, 9pm, 6am
From Bluefields – 4am, 5.30am, 6.30am, 4pm


You can try calling and reserving you ticket in advance. As one traveller reported in the comments below, this worked for her.

2253-2879 Managua

2517-0073 Rama

2572-0131 Bluefields


Great Travel Blogs

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Can you recommend other great Bluefields/Corn Islands travel blog posts? 

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This bus option no longer exists: Photo taken in Managua at the Mercado Ivan Montenegro. The Terminal Costa Atlantica provides service from Managua to Bluefields (via El Rama).

Photo taken: May 2017

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  1. Matleena

    Did this a couple of days ago and can confirm the departure times from terminal Costa Carribean. I can also say that you should either call ahead to reserve a ticket, or prepare to wait. I was at the terminal before eleven, but there wasn’t any space left on the 11:15 or the 2:30 buses, so had to wait there six hours for the 5pm bus. Also met a British guy there who had been there around nine, and had to wait for the 2:30 bus. Although we both had heard that getting there two hours in advance should be enough to get a seat, so we speculated the buses might be fuller than usual because of Christmas.
    Either way, the numbers to get the reservation they had showing at the terminal are
    Managua 8430-9884
    Bluefields 5850-5974
    Couldn’t spot then anywhere on this page, so I thought I’d post them here.

  2. Michael

    Getting help from a hostel at the moment and they rang that Managua number and they said only one bus at 7.30pm. Any truth to this?

  3. Sam Baker

    We did this journey this week in both directions and it seems that at the moment all bus times given above were running.

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