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Granada doesn’t have a central terminal and things are a bit scattered about. There are a lot of markers on the map but each are labeled.


Granada to Managua

Microbuses to Managua leave when full, cost 29C$ and take 1hr and 20min. Hours of operation are 5am to 9pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 5:30am to 8pm and Sunday 6am to 7pm. They depart from a small station on a street at the south west corner of the Parque Central called Calle Vega (stop indicated on map).  The microbus will arrive at the UCA.


There is also an ordinary bus to Managua which arrives at the Mercado Roberto Huembes we are told it departs from north of the old hospital on Calle Elena Arellano, but we haven’t taken it so you’ll have to ask your hotel to confirm. The leave every 30 min from 5:25am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and from 6:10am to 8pm on Sundays.  The microbus is definitely a much nicer option, but if you have a connecting bus in Managua from the Huembes station, then taking the regular chicken bus could save you the taxi fare (70 Córdobas). Otherwise, I personally would take the microbus.


Granada to Jinotepe

There is a microbus station for buses to Jinotepe and it is located just a few blocks from the Terminal for Rivas. Buses run from 6am until 4:30pm. The cost is 27C$ and they leave when full which is usually between 30mins – 1hr. The trip takes about 35-40 minutes. This bus shares a station with chicken buses to Masaya.


Granada to Masaya

You have the option to take the microbus to Managua and ask to get off on the highway as it passes Masaya. From here it is a bit of a walk or you can get a taxi to the center. This trip takes about 45min. Or there is a chicken bus that leaves from Mercado Municipal which is located around the corner from the Pali (see map). The chicken bus will take you right to the terminal in Masaya.  It costs 24C$ and takes about 1 hr


Granada to Rivas

Busses (regular chicken bus) heading south to Rivas leave from a dusty open yard just down the street from the gas station near (see photos and map). Though we just got a report that the station may have moved to this location The bus goes 7 times per day at: 5:50am, 6:30am, 8:05am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 12:40pm, 1:10pm and 3:10pm (no 3:10 on Thursdays and Sundays). The bus takes about 2.5hrs and costs 50C$ (Dec 2018). I would arrive at least 20 mins (maybe more!) early just to be sure you get the bus, I have asked the bus drivers at this station on two different days for the schedule and a couple of the times are different by about 20 mins. They are also known to leave early sometimes.


Granada to Ometepe

Take the bus to Rivas (see times listed above). Once you get to Rivas you have two options. You can grab the bus on the street heading to san Jorge. This bus will pass pretty close to where you are dropped. Just ask a local “donde esta parada por el bus a San Jorge“. Or you can get a taxi to San Jorge and have them drop you at the ferry to Ometepe. This will cost about 90C$. *make sure you check the Ometepe Ferry Schedule to be sure you don’t miss the last one.


Ferry from Granada to Ometepe?

This service has been suspended due to low water levels. Have a look at the notice here on this page: Ometepe Boat and Ferry Schedules


Granada to León

Grab the microbus to Managua UCA and switch to the microbus to León –  easy!


Grandada to Matagalpa

There are two options. You can grab an UCA microbus back to Managua and then take a taxi to the Terminal Mercado Mayorero. Or you can head to Masaya and take a bus from Masaya to Matagalpa. You can take the UCA microbus and get off on the highway near Masaya or go to the terminal in Granada where the chicken buses go directly to Masaya and you arrive at the same terminal you leave from to go to Matagalpa.


Granada to Jinotepe

Microbuses to Jinotepe leave from the same place that chicken buses to Masaya leave from – theMercado Municipal (see map).


Granada to Nandaime

Regular chicken buses leave for Nandaime from the same lot as buses to Rivas. Several per day.


International buses – Tica Bus, Central Line, TransNica & Nicabus

Important to know – Only international buses heading South to Costa Rica or Panama pass through Granada. If you are heading North to Northern Nicaragua, El Salvador or Guatemala you will need to leave from Managua.


If you are meeting a Tica BusTransNica or Nicabus you can head to their respective pick up points along Calle Elena Arellano. There is an office at each pick up spot. Tica Bus and new Nicabus office are almost side by side and there is a pretty nice hostel right across the street. The TransNica office is a little further north. *Remember you will need a pre-purchased ticket to get a bus with these companies so head to the office at least one day before you are leaving to get a ticket. One traveller has told us if the Tica Bus office is closed you can buy your ticket from Hostal Mochilas on Avenida Guzman.


Help your fellow traveller

If you have taken any of the buses on this page, please drop us a comment below about how the trip went, what time you left, how long it took and what it cost. And, definitely let us know if we have anything wrong.

Lets help each other in our travels!


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The park just down the street from the Managua microbus station.

In front of the station for microbuses to Managua

Inside the station for microbuses to Managua

Posted on the wall at the Microbus station for busses to Managua.

In front of the station for ordinary buses to Masaya (the yellow bus) and for microbuses to Jinotepe

Inside the station for ordinary buses to Masaya (the yellow bus) and for microbuses to Jinotepe

Shortly before the Rivas bus pulls into the terminal it will stop on the street. If you are arriving from Rivas you could get off here and save having to disembark at the station in front of all of the Taxi drivers.

The yellow bus is the Rivas Bus

A street near the Masaya and Rivas stations - busy on the weekend!

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49 travel tips for Granada - share your tips below!

  1. William Lawrence

    Traveled on the 805am bus from Granada to Rivas today. It left right on time and the bus was packed. The pickup site is now several blocks west of the google map indicated on the google link. On the south side of the east-west road. They charged me 70 but I didn’t make a deal out of it. It seems you do better if you have exact change vs getting change from them. Only took 2 hours.

  2. Vee

    Went Granada to Rivas for $100c with a large backpack today. Once at the Rivas station we had to really bargin to get a taxi for $100c (for 2 ppl) to San Jorge as we were told ( by 3 different people) the bus now costs $25C each and doesn’t run as often, but I don’t know if that is true or not.

  3. Eva-Lena

    Bus from Granada to Ometepe (Balgüe). Made the trip two days ago, and as some people already pointed out the bus stop in Granada have moved to this location It left at 9.15 (not 9.30 as described above) and the trip takes 1 h 45 min (approximately). We payed 100 c per person (50 for ticket and 50 for backpack on the roof). Tourists without big backpack payed just 50 c. We payed the ticket before getting on, the locals payed onboard after the bus left (probably easier for the staff to do so).
    In Rivas we managed to find a collectivo leaving from this location and we payed 30 c per person, and he dropped us at the port. It is 1 usd fee to enter the port if you are a tourist, pay in the window by the gate. You can buy ferry tickets in advance in another window, halfway between the ferry and the gate. We did so, but everyone else seemed to pay the ticket onboard (a man collected the fare after the ferry left the port).
    If you are continuing to Balgüe the bus leaves at 3.45 pm, just to the right when you leave the port area, and it costs 35 c.

  4. Wes

    Just boarded the 06:30am bus from Granada to Rivas. The busstation seems to have moved a few blocks down from the place indicated on Google Maps. Make sure to be in time to find your way to the actual “station”, it’s two blocks right from the gas station, locals will be happy to point it out for you. Just paid $C80 for the bus, $C50 for the ticket, $C30 for my backpack, which had to be put on the roof (they didn’t allow me to take it inside the bus, even after some discussion). Safe travels!

  5. Nilo

    I’ve just made the trip from Granada to Laguna de Perlas (afterwards heading to Corn Island) and it’s totally possible in one day. Just want to share this so people know it’s not too difficult to get to the beautiful carribean coast.
    So here is what I did:
    Granada (station next to main square) – Managua UCA:
    colectivo 5am, 33C$, ca.1-1.5h depending on the traffic
    Managua UCA – Mercado Mayoreo:
    Taxi, 80C$, ca. 10-15min or the public bus Nr.110, ca. 10C$, around 40min (I arrived at 6:10am so you could consider taking the public bus in Managua or taking a later colectivo from Granada, depending on if you value money or sleep more at this point – but you will have enough time to sleep soon)
    Managua – El Rama:
    “proper” bus 7:30am, 170C$, ca. 7h (keep in mind that they only stop once to go to the toilet! and try to sit on the left side of the bus due to the sun)
    El Rama – Laguna de Perlas:
    chicken bus 4:30pm, 150C$, ca. 3h (also one little break)
    This connection should be possible every day.
    From Laguna there is a daily panga that leaves at 6:30am to Bluefields and takes about 1h, so you can catch the ferry at 9am on wednesday and saturday. But you have to buy the ticket the day before and be at the dock at 6am.

  6. Mark

    Hi, just wanted to comment on the route from Granada to Leon. Still the same as you described, impossible to miss the connections. Price was 33c from Granada to Managua and 71 from Managua to Leon. It is perfectly possible to do a daytrip to Leon from Granada, e.g. for the volcano boarding like I did, in total the trip took me 3 hours to get there in the morning, starting 6am, and 4 and 1/2 hours, starting 4pm, to get back due to traffic jam in Managua on day´s end. btw: Great site!

  7. Brian

    A que hora sale el ultimo bus de granada a Rivas los días domingo?

  8. James

    Took the 6:30am bus from Granada to Rivas. Cost 100c per person as we had bags that had to go on the roof. Arrived in Rivas at 8:15.

    • Gil

      I can confirm that. 100c per person as I had a big bag. I took the 8am bus from Granada to Rivas. It left in Granada from the Calle Nueva.

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