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Managua to Jinotepe

Microbuses to Jinotepe leave the UCA terminal in Managua.  They cost 33C$ and leave when full. They  take a little more than 1hr. Hours of operation are 5am until 9pm Monday to Saturday and 6am to 7pm on Sunday.


Granada to Jinotepe

Microbuses from Granada run between 6am and 4:30pm. The cost is 27C$ and they leave when full which is usually between 30mins and 1hr.


Jinotepe to Rivas

Cost is 39C$ and takes just over an hour (microbus) and 31C$ and about 2hrs (ordinary) .


More information coming soon

We will be heading back soon to collect more details about buses in and out of Jinotepe


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5 travel tips for Jinotepe - share your tips below!

  1. Cairo Pineda-Pavon

    Just took the Microbus from Jinotepe to Rivas. The fare is $39 cordobas and the ride took just over one hour. Again, these are quicker than the regular buses but I’m not sure whether or not they are more comfortable to travel. The big buses are much more ventilated than the Microbus and you will be packed like sardines either way so is here nor there. If you are strapped for time, the Microbus is the way to go.

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you, Cairo!

      • Cairo Pineda-Pavon


        We continue our travels in Nicaragua. This time we are taking the ordinary (chicken) bus to Rivas from Jinotepe. The fare is $31 cordobas per person. I took an educated guess at what time the bus would leave and it is roughly two hours after they leave the Rivas terminal to come to Jinotepe. It worked out for us since we are leaving on the 12 noon bus.

  2. Greg Young

    I took the bus to Granada on July 21, 2017. The first bus is scheduled at 6:00AM and the last at 4:30PM. Although the schedule calls for a bus every 45 minutes, in reality the buses leave when full, anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour apart. Of course this means that shortly after leaving Jinotepe, the bus will be ridiculously overcrowded, standing room only. Make sure to get a window seat or someone will be sitting in your lap or pressing various body parts against you. The trip takes about 35-40 minutes. The fare is now C$27.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks, Greg!

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