Managua – UCA Microbus Terminal

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The first thing you need to know about this the UCA Microbus Terminal聽is that UCA is pronounced “ooka”. Learn this and every taxi driver in Managua will know where you want to go. The second thing to learn is that travelling by microbus is significantly more comfortable than travelling by an ordinary bus.聽They are faster and overall more comfortable for only a small price difference – although slightly less adventurous 馃槈


Looking for聽Pe帽as Blancas, Rivas or聽聽San Jan del Sur? You need to head to the Mercado Roberto Huembes聽.


This UCA microbus Terminal in Managua is essentially just a line up of small passenger vans with clear signage of who is going where. The drivers are generally quite friendly. The busses leave when they are full and so if there are a lot of people聽in line you may have to wait a bit – although unlikely very long. On average they leave about every 20 minutes.


If you arrive and you need a taxi – they pull up regularly here to drop people off so one is not hard to find. I am pretty sure that every time I arrive here I am quoted some astronomically high fare by the taxi drivers. The last one wanted $10 USD for 2km because聽I had a surfboard. Nope! I don’t tend to haggle on price too hard, if it is within 20-30C$聽I am ok with it, but if you feel like everyone is trying to rip you off by too much, try crossing the street and getting a taxi from there. There are definitely honest drivers out there in the city.


Most of the information on this page is from 2017 when I update the prices and spoke to each driver. They are as follows.


Managua UCA to Granada

Microbuses to Granada leave聽when full cost 33C$ (Dec 2018) and take 1hr 20min – 1hr 3omin depending on number of stops. Hours of operation are聽5am to 9pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 5:30am to 8pm and Sunday 6am to 7pm.


Managua to Masaya

Microbuses to Masaya leave when full and they cost 19C$. The trip takes just under 1hr. 聽Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 6am – 7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 6pm.聽Halfway through the trip the bus will pass the entrance to the Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya so if you’re getting off here try to sit close to the front.


Managua to Le贸n

Microbuses to Le贸n聽leave聽when full, cost 71C$ as of Sept 2018 and takes between聽1.5 hrs and 2hrs depending on how many stops you take. 聽Hours of operation are 4am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.


Managua to Jinotepe

To Jinotepe microbuses leave when full, cost 33C$ and take a little more than 1hr. Hours of operation are 5am until 9pm Monday to Saturday and 6am to 7pm on Sunday.



Don’t be shocked if you are almost accosted by the guys working for competing shuttles. The last time I did this I was literally pulled in two directions by two different people. I thought that this was because I was obviously a tourist, but I soon realized they do this to pretty much everyone. Even little old ladies. It is definitely annoying, but rest assured it isn’t dangerous – some even laugh a their game. 聽The drivers of these microbuses are definitely hustlers. Not in the sense that they will rip you off, but in that they will do everything they can to maximize their profit by getting as many people on the bus as possible.


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  1. Tristan Chavez

    Took the Managua – Le贸n UCA bus today, the price is now 75 cordobas

  2. Matt

    Hi, I have a quick question, we are in Granada and want to take the uca bus to Managua and then another one to Leon. I have seen the buses here and some have roof racks so I should be ok with my surfboard. Does anyone know if the Managua – Leon UCA buses can accommodate a surfboard? I have heard from some other travellers that the buses are quite small with no luggage racks so wanted to check before heading to Managua. Thanks, Matt

    • Sam

      Hi Matt,

      How did you manage? I hace to travel from Managua to Leon with my board aswell. Could you bring the board with the microb煤s?


  3. Eason Zheng

    UCA – Grananda (expreso) still in 33C
    UCA – Leon 71C

    • sandy

      wow thank you 馃檪

  4. Elisa

    Managua (UCA) Granada is now 33$ fixed price.

  5. Nicholas

    Got the bus today from uca to Leon. 1.5 hours and fixed Tarif of 71 C贸rdoba. Then a taxi into the Centre for 60c for two people with luggage. Zero problems

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks! I have updated the ticket price.

  6. R&Jottawa

    as a follow up to nina’s post, we will be arriving in Managua may 18 and would like to take a microbus to Granada. In light of the current civil unrest is this advisabe. It’s been suggested to take a private taxi everywhere however, we really would prefer to take local micro bus. Any comments or advice given the current political climate. We are also planning a trip to Ometepe and Popoyo. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. We are a little concerned regarding the riots but not at the point of cancelling our trip. We really want to visit nicaragua have been planning this for months we’re just not sure of the best and safest way to travell while in country

    • centrocoasting

      Hi there, I’d recommend getting on some backpacker forums, there are a few on Facebook for Nicaragua. I can’t comment on safety here, but others who are travelling by bus there right now might have some advice.

  7. Nina

    We took the micro bus from Managua today and the bus station has changed. It is a temporary thing as there are riots going on all over Managua. It is now on the pista Juan pablo II. I can send a screenshot with a pin on the map.

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