San José – Villa Bonita Station

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** October 26th, 2018: There has been a temporary change in Ferry hours and the bus from San Jose to Santa Teresa/Montezuma now departs at 7:30am and 3:30pm. 

The bus stop in front of the Villa Bonita Station in Alajuela is a great spot to grab the bus if you are arriving at the Airport and don’t want to go all the way into San José to catch the bus from the main station. Essentially it is large covered bus stop with a gas station about 40metres away. People are often confused on how to exactly use this stop and also have some level of discomfort with the idea of taking a taxi to the side of the highway to wait. Have no fear, this is a very well used pick-up spot. There will almost surely be others waiting and there are even some very nice locals selling water, soda and plantain chips who can help you catch your bus.


It takes about 20-40 minutes for the bus to get here from central San José (depending on traffic) but I would recommend being here no later than 20 minutes after your bus was scheduled to leave from its station in San José.


Getting a taxi here

A taxi from the airport should cost no more than 2500₡. It seems close but its a bit of driving. Chances are they will fist quote you $10 for the ride.


Walking from the Airport to Villa Bonita?

Have you ever wondered if you can walk to this spot from the airport? No? – well I have! And, so I did. Turns out you can walk about 25minutes along the side of a busy highway to get here. Would I recommend this option? Probably not. There is no sidewalk and most of the journey is along a small worn foot path next to the highway (see photos).



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If you decide to try to walk here from the Airport - this is what much of your journey will look like. You also have to walk over a bridge and under a bridge. 25 minutes to get here. A taxi from the airport is ~2500₡.

Photo taken February 23, 2016

The stop.

Photo taken February 23, 2016

The stop - there is a gas station behind the bus stop. But if you need water or soda then there are some vendors selling these things right at the stop.

Photo taken February 23, 2016

Here you can see the bus to Santa Teresa/Mal Pais/Montezuma/Cobano stopping to pick up passengers.

Photo taken February 23, 2016

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  1. Laura

    can I book this bus in advance? Or do i just show up and pay the Ticket from the Bus driver?

  2. Joanne Hala

    ***caution*** at the Villa Bonita bus stop in Alajuela.
    Took an Uber to the stop and arrived well in advance of the bus to Monteverde which i expected at around 6:50. At around 7:05 still no bus. No one else there was waiting for the Monteverde bus (I asked). It’s a popular stop with lots of buses stopping. Someone with taxi badge and red taxi approached and asked if I was waiting for MV bus and that he just took another person to the new stop for that bus 600m from there.
    I speak Spanish (well) and know my way around transportation etc in Costa Rica. But with some “kind” and clever conversation about San Jose bus drivers going on strike until Monday and no afternoon bus to Monteverde and “supposed” calls to the bus company to see where the bus was and if I could still catch it, he swindled me into taking the cab and paying a sh*t ton of money to get me to the bus. First time ever in years of travel here that i ever fell for this.
    Don’t be fooled!!! The Monteverde bus stops at that bus stop (big gas station on the corner nearby) . Stay put and wait for your bus. It’s a good (but really bad!) example of how one moment of doubt can allow us to fall victim to a predatory driver. Sad truth

  3. Victoria


    I intend to take the bus from San Jose to Montezuma, and am wondering if there is an update on Ferry times and Bus times?

  4. Matus

    Hi there. I booked the tickets for the Puente villa Bonita bus. Has the time changed now to 3:30 pm for when it leaves San Jose bus station?

    This is for a trip to Santa Teresa. Our plane lands at 12:25 pm. That should be enough time to get to the bus stop that’s on the side of the highway ?

    Thank you

    • Irma

      Hello, I’m going to drop my friends off as they take the 6 am bus from villa Bonita. I’ll be coming from Ciudad Colon by car. Is the bus station at the same side of the road or is it on the other side?

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