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Quepos has a main bus terminal in the centre of town. It is tiny for how many busses come and go through there and you will often bare witness to a bus jam out front as you wait for your own departure. Anything you could possibly need is within a short distance of this station. There is a bank and a bakery (coffee!) just down the street. There is also a pharmacy right across the street and even a subway sandwich shop with a/c if you should happen to have a long layover between buses.


Quepos is a key hub in this area of Costa Rica. If you are going to Manuel Antonio then you will be passing through here. Here you can also find buses heading to UvitaDominical, Puntarenas, San José and Jacó. Possibly more, we will keep adding to the page each time we travel though. Have a look below for recent photos of schedules.


There are a few different companies that operate buses in and out of Quepos. One of the main ones is Tracopa. You can check the Tracopa website for a list of their schedules and times in addition to what you read below. Note that the Tracopa website is pretty limited as it only shows major routs in and out of San José. When searching leave either the destination or the origin portion as ‘any’ or you may not get any results.


Quepos to Manuel Antonio

Buses go to Manuel Antonio every 30 minutes starting at 5:45am and then every hour after 7pm. The trip takes 25min. As of Jan 2019 the price was 335₡


Quepos to San José

From San José: There are multiple buses heading to Manuel Antonio from San José every day and leave from the Plaza Gonzalez Viquez diagonal from the Tracopa Station.

From Quepos: It is a good idea to purchase this ticket in advance during the high season. The ticket can be purchased at the station in Quepos. We asked and they do not let people stand. You must have a seat.  As of August 2018 the cost is 4790₡, though the directo and colectivo are slightly different prices. The length of the trip varies depending on what time of day you travel. We are told that the 10 a.m. and the 6pm directo buses take about 4 hours. All the other directo buses take about 3 to 3.5 hours. The Colectivos take about 5-6 hours.


To and from the San José Airport: 

Quepos to SJO Airport: When you look at the schedule for Quepos to San José you will see buses either labeled Directo or Collectivo. Only the Collectivos pass the airport. Before you purchase your ticket check confirm that the bus you are taking does pass the airport to be sure. 

SJO Airport to Quepos: The bus does not pass the airport heading to Quepos or Manuel Antonio. You will need to take a taxi or local bus to the Tracopa Station in San José.


Quepos to Uvita

Bus leaves for Uvita at 6am, 9:30am, 2:30 and 5:30pm. I had the ticket vendor write out the schedule (May 2017). Price is 1700₡. Trip takes about 2hrs. 


There are also 2 buses per day that go from San José to Uvita. They leave San José at 6am and 3pm. They will pass by Quepos on the way.


Quepos to Dominical

Schedule posted below for Dominical. Price is 1500₡ and takes about 1hr 45min. We are told there is also an 11:30 bus going to San Isidro that also stops in Dominical. 1350₡


Quepos to Puntarenas

Buses going to Puntarenas run from 4:30am to 6pm. See the photo of schedule below.  As of Jan 2019 the price for a ticket was 2605₡. The trip takes about 3hrs.


Quepos to Jacó

Buses run to Jacó from 6am to 7pm. See the photo of schedule below.  As of May 2017 the price for a ticket was 1375₡. (Nov 2018). The trip takes about 2hrs


Quepos to Santa Teresa

Grab the bus heading to Puntarenas. Take a 5 min taxi or walk 15 blocks to the Ferry.  (See Puntarenas page for more info) Cross on the ferry. In Paquera there will be a bus waiting for you to take you to Cóbano. This trip takes about a 1.5hr and will cost around 1800₡.  If you end up connecting with the bus coming from San José you may be able to stay on all the way to Santa Teresa. If not, you get off in Cobanó. The rest of the trip form Cobanó to Santa Teresa takes about 40min and costs 1000₡.


Quepos to La Fortuna

Take the bus to Puntarenas (~2.5hrs). From there get the bus headed to San José. You are going to get off in San Ramon (~1.5hrs), a stop before you get to San José so check with the driver to be sure he passes San Ramon on the route he is driving. From there you can catch the bus to La Fortuna (~2hrs). This is a long journey but can be done for about $14.


Quepos to David

It is possible to get to Panama from Quepos. You’ll need to purchase your ticket ahead of time from the station in Quepos and then take a taxi to the main highway and wait at the hospital. One helpful traveller named Ian left a comment for you below to tell you how his trip went.


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If you have taken any of the buses on this page, please drop us a comment below about how the trip went, what time you left, how long it took and what it cost. And, definitely let us know if we have anything wrong.

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We do not 100% guarantee that all schedules, times and prices are exact. The information in this website is based on personal experience and by information submitted by other travellers. Information has been gathered from station schedules, station managers, bus drivers and driver helpers. We have done our best to get as much accurate up to date information as possible, but prices and times change. Also, remember that you are responsible for your own health and safety. Travel safe and travel smart - and have fun!



Photo taken: April 2018

Quepos - Puntarenas Schedule

Posted at the ticket office at the Quepos Bus Station

Manuel Antonio - San José Schedule

Posted at the ticket office at the Quepos Bus Station

Photo taken May 2017

San José - Manuel Antonio Schedule

Posted at the ticket office at the Quepos Bus Station

Photo taken May 2017

Quepos - Jacó - Puntarenas Schedule

Photo taken May 2017

Dominical to Quepos
Taken at the Dominical tourist information center
Photo taken May 2017

Quepos to Dominical
Taken at the Dominical tourist information center
Photo taken May 2017

Taken at the Dominical tourist information center
Photo taken May 2017

Local Bus Schedule
From the Uvita information center
Photo taken May 2017

The Quepos Station

Photo taken February 6, 2016

The Quepos Station

Photo taken February 6, 2016

Bakery and Bank just a short walk away

Photo taken February 6, 2016

Across the street from the station

Photo taken February 6, 2016

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26 travel tips for Quepos - share your tips below!

  1. Natascha

    I took the bus at 09:30 and arrived in Puntarenas at 13:00. The bus stopped at every bus station. ticket price was 2630 colones.

  2. Johanna

    We took the bus today from quepos to david and it ran very smoothly. We got the tickets (21$ per person) two days in advance and the lady said it would leave at 10am. The bus arrived at 10.30am so we didn’t have to wait long. The bus was very comfortable and the drive through the border went very smoothly. They didnt ask us for 500 dollars or a credit card they only wanted to see our flight ticket Home. The border was not busy at all but we went on a sunday so maybe thats why.

  3. Dan Richardson

    Does anybody know if it’s possible to take a bicycle on the buses. I’m planning on cycling from San Jose to Quepos thru the mountains but would rather get a bus back. I’ve heard you can do it but not seen it written down anywhere.

  4. Alexandra

    Manuel Antonio Bus price is 340 colones as of August 2019

    And directo from San José to Quepos is 5020 colones

  5. Adrian

    Please help try to understand my plan/work out any concerns you may see. I am visiting during Easter week, my understanding it is a very busy time. My flight lands at 11:35 am on a Monday morning. I am staying at a place just a little bit passed Quepos.

    Now I know that I need to take a lyft, taxi, or bus to get to the Trapoca station in Plaza Vasquez in San Jose. Correct? Getting to Quepos I can take either colectivos or directos but I want the trip to be faster so I should try to get one for directos, right?

    Based on a picture from April 2018, then I might be able to get onto a directivo at 1:15 or 2:30. When I am checking on the Trapoca website there are a few options I am not sure to put. When I check for the fares it gives me two options for Quepos: Costanera and Puriscal. Which one should I pick? Does it matter and what’s the difference?

    When I look online, all the services say regular so which ones are the colectivos/directivos? And then there is the via column. Does that just mean the route/way it takes?

    My last question is if I wanted to take a bus from Quepos to the airport in San Jose then from what I read on your site I need to take the collectivo. But my flight is at 11:20am. In order to make it with enough time and provided by the scheudle that is posted online in the photos, would you reccomend me to take the 5 am bus which means I might get there around 10? Or could I take the directo at 6 and be in San Jose by 9 and then take a taxi to the airport?

  6. Francesco

    Thanks for this information, I’ll travelling from Quetos to David in March

  7. Cris

    Took the bus from Herradura, just north of Jacó, to Quepos. The trip was about an hour and a half; cost was c2000. January 2019

    Quepos to Manuel Antonio is every half hour and costs c335. February 2019

  8. Paula

    I’m looking to travel from Manuel Antonio to Jaco and then Jacó to Uvita. Do these buses accommodate a large suitcase? If so, is it out in an outside compartment on the bus? Thanks.

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Paula, the bus From Manuel Antonio to Quepos will likely be more of a regular style bus and likely without an luggage compartment below. It is very likely you can still bring the large suitcase but you’ll have to drag it onto the bus for you. Have a look at this page here for info about buses in/out of Manuel Antonio https://centrocoasting.com/costarica/manuel-antonio/ You could always take a taxi to Quepos and then get on the bus to Jaco from there. The Quepos-Jaco bus will have an luggage compartment below.

  9. Andrew

    As recently as 1/5/19, the bus between Quepos and Manuel Antonio was 335₡

  10. Andrew

    I would like to take the bus from quepos to San Jose C @ 5am. Do buses from Manuel Antonio run to quepos that early (4am?) or will I need to take a taxi. Thank you.

    • centrocoasting

      You will need to take a taxi to leave that early. As mentioned above, buses start at 5:45am.

  11. Michael Wood

    Bus Quepos to Jaco $1375 October 28 2018

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks, Michael!

  12. Travis

    We just took the Quepos to San José bus today. It was a direct bus departing at 12pm. We stopped about halfway through for a 15 min break, and we arrived in San José around 3:45pm. Cost was 4790 colones per person, no extra charge for luggage.

  13. Loui

    For going to Uvita or Dominical: There is a 11:30 Bus going to San isidro that also stops in Dominical. 1350C

    For Uvita/Bahia then get a bus to Ciudad Neily that passes for uvita. For me that was 5 Minutes waiting for the other bus.

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you, Loui!

  14. Vianney Lintanf

    Update : San José – Quepos, Tracopas direct bus, is 4630 C.

  15. Jeremy

    I recently took the Quepos to Puntarenas bus departing at 11:00am. It left on time and the whole trip took a little over 3 hours. Just wanted to let you know that the ticket price has skyrocketed a whole 30 colones to 2445. 🙂

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you, Jeremy!

  16. Ian

    Thought your readers might be interested in this. Yesterday we took the bus (Trapoca) from Quepos to David, Panama (switched buses on to Boquete). We bought our tickets a few days early at the Quepos bus station. The bus was supposed to arrive at 10am (we got there at 930am) at the bus stop directly across from the hospital on the main highway. Eight dollar taxi ride from Quepos bus station. The bus arrived at 1130am (green Trapoca bus with David on front). Another passenger said there was road construction which caused at least part of the delay. Border crossing was smooth. Four different places to go, first to pay the departure tax $8 per person. Then exit from Costa Rica, then arrival in Panama, finally bags inspected for produce. We were not asked for onward proof of travel or sufficient funds verification but we are retired maybe that had an effect.

    Arrived in David at 530pm. So if someone is in Quepos it’s possible to catch the Trapoca bus from San Jose to David without backtracking.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks, Ian! Super helpful information for other travellers. I made a note above. Hope you have a great rest of your vacation!

  17. Liz Temple

    I’m travelling from Atenas to Quepos and then back to Atenas after a few days’ stay. I’m guessing I’ll need to take a colectivo bus on the San Jose/Quepos route – how do I know what the times of the colectivo buses are?

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Liz! If you look at the 2nd and 3rd photo above you will see the schedule with the collectivos. The schedule is from May but should still be correct. I am not sure if there has been any changes to times and routes after the storms though, so best to ask the ticket seller when buying before you get on the bus!

  18. raquel_z

    People often ask whether they can get from Quepos to SJO airport or near Alajuela without going into San Jose and then backtracking.
    You can, by taking some but not all of the colectivos.

    The directos and the colectivos shown on the schedule as going “por la ruta 27” take the toll road and DO NOT pass the airport area.

    However, the colectivos with no notation take the old road and stop on the road in front of the airport. So based on the current schedule (Nov/16) the 5:00 AM , 10:00 and 4:45 PM colectivos will get you to the airport.
    We took the 10:00AM colectivo on November 14 and were let off at the airport at the 1:30 PM – so 3.5 hours. But if planning the trip, I would allow 4 hours incase of traffic jams or other road issues.

    • centrocoasting

      Thank you so much Raquel for this important update! Really good/critical information for those heading to the airport from this area.

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