Chinandega – Tica Bus & Nica Expreso

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Nica Expreso is a great option for longer haul trips heading south of Chinandega. They are good quality busses with a/c, and you can book your ticket online! You meet the bus at the station for departure (see map), however if you are located far from the office you can always call and see if there is a location where you can pick up the bus enroute which is more convenient. They may say no, but it never hurts to ask. Everything you need to know for prices and schedules is very well laid out on the Nica Expreso website.


Tica Bus has an office in Chinandega where you can purchase your ticket before departure. Maybe call ahead to confirm office hours before you go there (not always open) and don’t forget to bring your passport for booking. Tica Bus has yet to catch up with the technology savvy Nica Expreso and still does not offer online booking 🙁 If you are headed north you can ask the ticket vendor at what time the bus passes the rotonda in Chinandega (see map) to meet the bus on the highway as it passes (see photos). Be aware, that you DO need a ticket to grab the bus from the highway as it passes. All schedules and prices can be found on the Tica Bus website.


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Nica Expreso Office. See map for location

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

Nica Expreso office

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

The Rotonda - a key landmark in looking for the pickup spot for the Tica Bus as it passes.

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

The Tica Bus office. Call ahead to be sure it is open!

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

Tica Bus office

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

The highway stop where the Tica Bus passes - you can see it leaving here headed towards El Salvador.

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

Across the street from the Tica Bus pick up spot.

Photo taken: March 1, 1016

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  1. Selene

    Para comprar un boleto tiene que ser personal

  2. Jessie perez

    Cuanto cuesta el pasaje saliendo d chinandega hacia Panama

  3. Rony

    Hola, disculpe, cuanto cuesta el viaje a chinandenga, Nicaragua. Desde San Salvador. Muchisimas Gracias.

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