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The Tica Bus terminal in San José is pretty typical. There is food for purchase inside and also a hotel attached. If you want to ride with Tica Bus, you need a ticket. You can now buy your ticket online!


Check the Tica Bus website for the list of schedules and prices. There are so many that I wont list them here. You can also check to see where the nearest Tica Bus office is located to go and purchase your ticket.


The pictures below are from the main terminal. For the hotel – economical rooms are priced around $15USD and ones with Air Conditioning  and a TV are about $28USD.


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The hotel entrance inside the Tica Bus station

Photo taken: February 22, 2016

Inside the Tica Bus station

Photo taken: February 22, 2016

Outside the Tica Bus station

Photo taken: February 22, 2016

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  1. Lorena

    What’s the exactly address of this bus station ?

  2. Michelle Kemper

    Hotel in Managua it’s like the movie SAW. I traveled a few days ago to Costa Rica and we had to stay in Managua to continue the next day, however, after I paid for 1 room ($29) the guy on the front desk told me that I can’t go in that I have to wait 2 hours because the check-in it’s until 9 pm (we arrived at 7pm). After 12 hours of bus travel, long lines through immigration of 2 different countries, trying to keep my things to get stoled, tired and hungry these people made me stay in the lobby me and my kids for 2 hours because “the policies said that the check-in its until 9 pm”. The guy refuses to return my money to go somewhere else. I was alone, with kids, in the middle of the night in a foreign country with absolutely no empathy or support from the company claims to be professional TICABUS. When finally we could enter the room it was gross, filthy, and disgusting. The pillows were stained and no pillowcase, the mattress was stained, and no cover or sheet. I could smell the feet of the previous person that was in the room. If you appreciate your health and safety NEVER EVER TRAVEL OR STAY WITH THEM.

  3. Maria Benitez

    Worst Service Ever!!! I can even start the horrendous incompetence of every single person who works there. I spend 3 hours on the phone trying to figure it out to book a trip for me and my family. Every time I called Susana, Gabriela and Pamela gave me different information. I was done through the phone and I decide to go to San Jose and resolve it personally. In the office, the guy(Andres) didn’t have internet and couldn’t do anything. I came back 3 days after and they didn’t have internet again. Save yourself the stress, time, and money. DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THEM. It’s cheaper and easier if you fly.

  4. Douglas

    The tica bus I tried for days to make a reservation on their site I talked a few people sent images of the issue then ran into a piece of trash named Pamela in the chat a self centered rude ignorant piece of filth and then the people on the phone tried to blame me said I was in the wrong for standing up for myself.

    These people are absolute trash and one day they will learn to respect people

  5. RobinM

    Our recent travel from Granada, Nicaragua ro San Jose, Costa Rica was pleasant (air con) and relatively smooth exit/entry btw the 2 countries. The only annoying concern was the driver’s inability to leave his phone alone! Unnerving at times, especially when swerving. Never had that bad a driver before. Tjroughout out 1 month trip, all the other drivers of bus & semis were impressive and admired for their skills especially in the mountains. Tica Bus needs to do a bit more vetting or a review on what happens to distracted drivers and their passengers.

  6. Rea

    You can also take an uber, it should be around 10 usd or 5000-6000 colones.

  7. Pwyton Pugh

    How far (minutes) and what cost by taxi from the San Jose Tica bus terminal to the international airport?

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Pwyton, I don’t know exactly the time and cost as it depends on traffic and time of day, but it will be close to $25-$40 and take about 30-50mins. Have a great trip!

  8. Norah Maclennan Lee

    Better update your site. It is possible to book the Ticabus online.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks for the reminder Norah! Yes this is an exciting new option from Ticabus. So happy they finally made this happen. Hope your travels are going well.

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