Puerto Jiménez

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San José to Puerto Jiménez

To get to Puerto Jiménez  from San José you will take a bus with Transportes Blanco Lobo which provides service to the Oso Peninsula. These buses leave the Terminal MEPE. The bus leaves from here twice per day at 8am and 12pm and costs ¢7600 and takes 8hrs. We are told that some of the buses have a/c but usually only the one at 8am.

Retourning to San José from Puerto Jiménez there are two buses daily, one at 5am and one at 11am. (times to be confirmed soon).



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Boat schedule 2019


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  1. Diane

    Does anyone know if the bus ticket booth is open Sundays? (Planning on busing on a Monday)

  2. Robyn Dean

    Is it possible to get to drake bay from Puerto Jimenez? If so how and how long does it take?

  3. Joris

    Ticket prices are now 8200 Colones from Puerto Viejo to San José (and vice versa).

    • centrocoasting

      Hey! did you mean Puerto Viejo or Puerto Jimenez?

  4. Lizzy

    It’s true! Buses from Puerto Jiménez to San Jose are leaving now at 5am, 9am and 1pm. It takes 5 hours to get to San Isidro so you can change there and to the bus at 4pm to Uvita 😊

    • Kat

      What do you mean by San Isidro and Uvita? Do we have to take several buses or are there stops?

      Thank you!

  5. Chris

    Currently (March 2019) buses Pto Jimenez – San Jose leave at 5am and 9am. San Jose – Pto Jimenez 8:00 and 12:00.

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