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There is one main Tracopa bus station in the “center” of Gofito. This is where you can go to meet the bus heading north to San José or south to the border and where you can purchase tickets. (Schedule info not yet collected for this station).


If you are headed to Pavones, Conte or Laurel then you can wait for the local bus to pass on the main road. There are a few stops and they should be easy to find. The first stop can be found across from the hospital (see map). When I head to Pavones I usually wait here so that I know the bus is fairly empty and it wont be a hassle getting my surfboard inside. There is a little store with a toilet as well as a restaurant nearby (both closed Sundays). The hospital across the street has toilets if the store is closed and also has a little shop to buy snacks. The only draw back to this location is that you are a bit far away from the rest of the amenities of town – like the bank machine. But on the positive side, you will get a seat for your trip.


Golfito to Pavones

If you are headed to Pavones and you came on the bus from San José, you can wait and get off at any stop you like. Unfortunately that bus from San José  will get you to Golfito by around 12pm – and the bus to Pavones only runs twice a day – yours bus will leave at 3pm. So, sit back, relax, have some lunch and space out a bit.


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The first stop in town. This is where the little store is as well as the restaurant. The hospital is across the street.

Photo taken: 2014

The hospital across the street from the first stop

Photo taken: 2014

The bus. This is one long hot ride. The road is a bit more paved than in the past but it is still slow and dusty in spots. Since the bus only goes twice a day - it is usually full for much of the ride! Enjoy!

Photo taken: 2014


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  1. MB

    Ferry from golfito – Puerto Jimenez (it’s a little bit before golfito, just ask the bus driver to stop at the place where you can take the ferry).

    3000CRC – 40minutes

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