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Bus travel in and out of Uvita is pretty straightforward and there are a ton of buses passing through this town.


Uvita to Dominical

Several buses back and forth every day for Dominical. Have a look at the schedule below. The trip takes about 20 minutes and the buses these days are quite comfortable! You grab the bus from the side of the road at one of the bus stops. There is one obvious bus stop right across from the Tracopa station and the tourist information centre. If you are looking for things to do in the area check out this awesome hike to the Nauyaca Waterfalls. Lots of fun things to do!


Uvita to San José

In Uvita there is a nice, big, clean and comfortable Tracopa bus station for buses heading to San José – Tracopa Terminal. The terminal in Uvita has great bathrooms and pretty good food too. A photo of the schedules are posted below with show all of the times when the bus passes Uvita going north or going south. You can find the schedule posted right where you purchase your tickets. Uvita to San José : 6290₡ (April 2019), 5hrs.


San José to Uvita: There are several buses everyday day to/from the Tracopa in station in San José that pass through Uvita. Look at the photos below to find the schedule showing all of the bus routes that pass through Uvita.  You can double check the schedule and price on the Tracopa website  as well. Note that the Tracopa website is pretty limited in function and if you search San Jose –Uvita you will only see two direct options come up, 5:30am and 3pm. As mentioned there are many more than this and you can find them in the photo of the schedule below.


Uvita to SJO Airport

Two buses per day take a different route and go past the airport. They depart Uvita at 5:30am and 1pm. I would recommend double checking this with the information center if you can (located just a few doors down from the station). This information is posted in one of the photos below. The bus is a slower ‘collectivo’ and you get it from across the street from the bus station. Make sure you tell the driver you need to get off at the airport.


Uvita to Quepos

If you are heading by local bus from Uvita towards Ciudad Neily or from Uvita to Quepos then you can find covered bus stops right on the main road.  There is one bus stop directly across from the Tracopa Station for buses heading north, as well as another bus stop next to the Hertz car rental office for buses heading south. Have a look at the map as these stops are indicated there for you. Quepos to Uvita: See photo of schedule below. Price is 1700₡ (Jan 2019) . Trip takes about 2hrs. 


Uvita to Jacó

Going from Uvita to Jacó? You can take the bus Tracopa to San José if you like.  But be aware that they will charge you full fare and drop you on the side of the highway in front of a large Pali supermarket – not in the town of Jacó.  From the highway you can take a taxi to town or walk – it’s about 25 minutes. The plus side to this trip is that the Tracopa bus is quick and you will arrive in Jacó faster than if you had just taken the regular bus.

Other option – go to Quepos and switch to bus to Jacó.


Tourist information centre

Next to the Tracopa station is the tourist information centre where you can find local bus schedules. If you are looking for things to do in the area check out this awesome hike to the Nauyaca Waterfalls. Lots of fun things to do!


Uvita to Puerto Jimenez

Thanks to Callum for this info:

5am Uvita to Chacarita (or 4.45am from Dominical) – 2 hours

8am Chacarita – Puerto Jiménez – 2 hours
Catch from bus stop/shelter next to gas station along the T road (not the main highway you were just on).


Uvita to Cataratas Nauyaca Waterfalls

Thanks to Callum again for this one:

“It’s bit difficult, it just requires early starts which is actually pretty good given how hot it gets quickly.
Getting out there was easy. From Uvita, you can simply catch the 6AM bus headed to San Isidro and get off at the Nauyaca Office-driver will know where. Then simply walk in. Took us about 1hr 15 to hike in as wasn’t difficult at all. From Domical, the same bus that goes through Uvita stops in Dominical at around 6.30AM. Getting back is a little more work. Firstly the hike is a little harder as we came back around 11 o’clock and although it took the same amount of time (most of the way back is down hill), the last section (about 1.5km) is uphill, rather steep and rather sweaty! But the 11.30AM bus that leaves San Isidro, should pass by the Nauyaca office around 12pm and get you in to Dominical at 12.15pm. But it continues on to Quepos. If you need to get back to Uvita, there is a 12.30pm Bus from Dominical. For us, this Uvita bound bus did actually wait for our Quepos bound bus which was running about 25 minutes late and didn’t get us in to Dominical until 12.40. I don’t know if this is the norm but it worked out for us. Alternatively, you can spend all day at the falls and then be back out on the highway opposite the Nauyaca office at around 3.50pm to go back to Quepos (via Dominical) or 4.20 to go back to Uvita (via Dominical). Hope this helps come people out there because most other people at the falls had cars, but it is definitely doable by bus. This is all outlined on the timetable, but thought I’d step it out for some of your users.”


Help your fellow traveller

If you have taken any of the buses on this page, please drop us a comment below about how the trip went, what time you left, how long it took and what it cost. And, definitely let us know if we have anything wrong.

Lets help each other in our travels!

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We do not 100% guarantee that all schedules, times and prices are exact. The information in this website is based on personal experience and by information submitted by other travellers. Information has been gathered from station schedules, station managers, bus drivers and driver helpers. We have done our best to get as much accurate up to date information as possible, but prices and times change. Also, remember that you are responsible for your own health and safety. Travel safe and travel smart - and have fun!


San José Quepos Dominical Jacó Ciudad Neily


Local Bus Schedule
From the Uvita information center
Photo taken May 2018

San José to Uvita and other connecting spots with Tracopa
Taken at the Tracopa Station in Uvita
Photo taken April 2019

This is telling you that the times listed on the previous schedule are not always exact
Taken at the Tracopa Station in Uvita
Photo taken May 2017

Taken at the Tracopa Station in Uvita
Photo taken May 2017

Uvita to Dominical
Posted at the tourist information center in Dominical
Photo taken May 2017

Dominical to Uvita
Posted at the tourist information center in Dominical
Photo taken May 2017

The Tracopa Station in Uvita

The main street in Uvita, you can see the information center

Inside the Tracopa Station. Nice clean bathrooms (free!) and excellent food options.

Bus stop bench (I'm standing inside) located next to the Hertz car rental. This is where you can wait for local busses heading south. There is a bank across the street if you need one.

Bus stop in front of the Tracopa station. This is where you will wait for local busses heading North.

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29 travel tips for Uvita - share your tips below!

  1. Anab

    I went from La Fortuna to Quepos using three different buses:

    1 La Fortuna to San Ramón (La Fortuna bus Station, around 2300 colones, 2.5 hours aprox)

    2 San Ramón to Puntarenas (Empresarios Unidos Station, I think it was around 1600 colones, 1.5 to 2 hours)

    3 Puntarenas to Quepos

    It took me about ten hours (:O) because there was an external accident on the road. Normally I think it should be around eight hours 🙂


  2. alain reno

    Also for travelling on west coast Monkey Ride Bus is very convenient with small semi-private buses. http://www.MonkeyRideCR.com

  3. Alison james

    As there is a bus from Uvita to SJO airport, I’m wondering if there are busses FROM SJO Aiport to Uvita – and the place to catch them and the times.

    This will mean I could stay at a nearby hostel when I arrive late at night, instead of going into town.

    Thanks very much, Ali

  4. Ro

    Trying to go from La Fortuna to Uvita on June 19. any help? I am trying to take the earliest available route but I am having a difficult time understanding the photos taken. Also, how long is this trip via bus? can not afford to get a $200+ shuttle so the bus is our primary option.

  5. Carina

    I traveled today (Tuesday, 4. June 2019) from Bahia in Uvita (bus stop at the main road) to Puerto Jiminez (main bus station).
    Times and ticket prices were as follows:

    Hostel told me that the bus was supposed to come at 8:30 am and to be there 10 minutes earlier.
    Bus with sign saying “Ciudad Neily” picked me up at 8:53 at the bus stop on the main road (close to the “Mystic Sushi” place) and I paid 1900 Costa Rican Colones (about 3 USD) for the trip to the “Estacion de servicio Chacarita” where I had to change bus.
    I arrived at Chacarita at 11:00 am and asked locals there about the bus to Puerto Jimenez. They told me the bus would be there at 2 to 2:30 pm and to wait at the small leaf/plastic covered bus stop next to the gas station. The gas station has a decent shop and there are also restaurants around.
    The bus with a sign saying “Puerto Jiminez” arrived at 2:49 pm and the journey to Puerto Jiminez cost 3000 Costa Rican Colones (about 5 USD) and I arrived at the main bus station in Puerto Jimenez at 4:27pm.

    The first bus to Chacarita was very crowded and not air conditioned while the second bus to Puerto Jimenez was nearly empty and nicely air conditioned.

    Luggage was taken on the bus and put under seats etc.

    Hope this helps future travellers 😉

  6. Nicole

    I have an updated schedule and price list for SJ-uvita and uvita-SJ. Times are all the same but prices now range from C6290-C12600. I have a pic (taken today) I can send to you if you let me know how 🙂

  7. Carsten

    Hey, we will Go from quepos to Puerto Jimenez. Seems Like it is Not possible in one day?

    • centrocoasting

      Hey! sorry to be slow, that’s a route we haven’t done, but must be a long one! How did the trip go? Can you tell us about it? I am assuming you would go to Chacarita to catch the bus headed to Puerto Jimenez? The posted schedule above shows a bus headed there via Uvita at 8:30am, 2pm, 5pm and 6pm! Let us know!! 🙂

  8. Lou

    When taking the bus from Uvita to San Jose – el Collectivo for the airport – it arrived at 5:45 am rather than 5:30 am. (I got to the bus stop at 5:35 am and I thought I’d missed it , but when I asked a few local individuals, they said it would come around 5:45 am, and sure enough, it did.) This was on a Sunday morning , end of March 2019.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks for the info! And yes, anyone using this site should always remember that you’re in Costa Rica and the schedule may not always be precise! A good reminder to readers. It gets better every year. For example 7yrs ago, you didn’t even know if a bus was going to come at all in some towns. 🙂

  9. Richard Minns

    Hi, do you need to book in advance or can you just turn up and catch a coach?

  10. Tatiana

    The bus depart from San Jose Tracopa Terminal to Uvita at 3PM. Does it stop at Airport (February 12) ? How can I buy a ticket? Please, answer. Thanks.

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Tatiana, sorry for the slow reply, we have so many questions and volunteer our time to answer them. 🙂 I am told it does pass the airport but I have never taken this specific bus and I am not sure where it passes. My best guess is that it passes the Villa Bonita stop. https://centrocoasting.com/costarica/villa-bonita-station/ BUT I really can’t confirm if it passes here at this spot or a bus terminal in Alajela. The taxi drivers may know when you get there. You can try asking the question on the FB page Costa Rica by Bus. Tracopa doesn’t sell tickets in advance. Here is their website, you can try the contact option for more info if you want. http://tracopacr.com Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

      • Tatiana

        Thank You!

  11. Kendall Wilson

    Hola hola! I am leaving from a Santa Teresa and trying to get to Uvita but I cant really read the pictures. Or at least the first one. Does anyone know how I would go? I know I catch the bus to Cóbano then to Paquera to Puntarenas but then what?


    • Centrocoasting

      Check the Puntarenas page for schedules heading south to Quepos. Then from Quepos you can keep heading to Uvita after that. Check the Quepos page for more info there.

      • Tessa

        Is this possible in one day? I want to go from Uvita to Santa Teresa

        • Lyne

          Yes its possible if you start early. Go to Puntarenas and then take the ferry over. You have to be sure you are not on the last ferry as there is no bus going to ST with the last ferry. The Santa Teresa page has lots of info.

  12. Natalia

    Hola, quiero viajar desde Sierpe a Uvita, que ruta debo tomar y en que horario? Gracias

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, necisita pasa por Palmar Norte. No puede ir de Sierpe a Uvita directo. Busca ariba por el hoario en el photos.

  13. Adams

    Are there any buses daily from San Jose to Uvita or only on specific weekdays?

    • AJ

      If you check the Tracopa page on this website and also the Tracopa bus company website you’ll find your answer. All buses on the coastal route heading to the border or Golfito will pass Uvita. There are several each day.

  14. Sean

    The tracopa staion in san jose really got us bad. The cashier told us to pay $30 usd for me ,my wife, and child, to get to manuel antonio. So we payed $90usd to get there where a tour guide taught us we got screwed. Watch out.

    • centrocoasting

      Wow, I have never heard of a ticket agent overcharging like this! It should cost less than $30 for all of you. The ticket price is about 4630 Colones per person from San Jose to Manuel Antonio. I would report this to the tourism bureau.

  15. Vianney Lintanf

    Uvita – David : 11:30 a.m ou 3:30p.m. Tracopa bus, climatisé.
    12000 colones. (21$)
    4h de trajet, douane comprise.
    (taxe de sortie 8$)
    Attention au décalage horaire ! Il faut rajouter 1 heure en arrivant au Panama !
    Ensuite pour aller à Boquete, c’est au même terminal, il suffit de chercher un bus avec écrit Boquete en gros à l’avant.
    1,75$, 45min – 1h.

    • centrocoasting

      Merci, Vianney!

  16. Eileen

    The 2.30pm bus Quepos to Dominical also goes to Uvita.
    There are fairly regular bus service between Quepos /Dominical /Uvita, but not listed online

  17. Tobey VanRoon

    It looks like (from the above photos) that there is a bus that leaves San Jose for paso canoa at 640 pm that stops in uvita. But if you go to the tracopa website it doesn’t tell you that. It says there are only 2 trips per day to uvita.

    • centrocoasting

      Yes, the Tracopa website is quite user unfriendly. It only lists the departure time for buses heading south from San Jose. I am not sure why it only shows 2 to Uvita but perhaps it is that they are the most direct route and end in Uvita, not sure. The photo above is from the Tracopa terminal in Uvita. It gives you the full list of buses that pass Uvita after leaving San Jose and where they are going to. I can’t guarantee anything but this is literally posted on the wall at the ticket office in Uvita and when I asked if it was accurate they said yes.

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