Playa El Gigante

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Getting to Playa El Gigante by bus isn’t overly convenient. There is only one bus per day all the way there and if you don’t get this one you can get close but need to hitch or walk the rest of the way.


Rivas to Playa Gigante

There is only one bus per day from Rivas to Gigante, which leaves in the afternoon at 1:30pm from Rivas. Important to note: this bus does not run on Sundays. In the past it didn’t run on Saturdays either, however a traveller recently told us the bus now goes on Saturdays now too! The cost is about 40 C$ and takes about 1.5 to 2hrs.


If you miss the 1:30pm direct bus you can grab the bus to Las Salinas, which leave every hour, and get off at the junction for the road that heads to Gigante.  The beach is about 5km from here and your options are to hitch hike or walk.


Rivas to Gigante via Tola

There is another option to consider if you miss the once per day bus all the way to Playa Gigante. You can get the bus from Rivas to Tola (every 40 minutes until 5:15pm) and change to the school bus bus going to Gigante. You will have to time this one correctly since there is only one bus per day at 12:30pm from Tola to Playa Gigante. It operates Monday to Friday but not on weekends.


Playa Gigante to Rivas

Basically the same as above but in reverse! The bus from Playa Gigante to Rivas leaves once per day at 7:30am.


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3 travel tips for Playa El Gigante - share your tips below!

  1. Kalen Povah

    bus from rivas to gigante is still at 130, however reminder to not trust what the taxi drivers and “friendly people” in rivas asking you where you’re going are telling you, I had 3 or 4 people tell me the bus already left earlier to try and get me in their taxi. Best to ask the people who load people onto the buses and they generally point you in the right direction

  2. Peter

    For our luggage we paid another 40 córdobas each (Rivas-Gigante).

  3. marissa

    The bus from playa Gigante to Rivas arrives to Gigante at 730 but leaves at 8. Just took it today!

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