Rio Dulce

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*Prices do change so those listed above may not be exact
*Travel time varies depending on route and how many stops you make.
(Q = Guatemalan Quetzal)



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  1. Nienke

    Rio Dulce – El Florido (border to Copan Honduras )

    1 direct bus a day leaves at 09:00 am from the Litegua bus stop/ticket office on the north side of the bridge in Rio Dulce, arriving at the border just before 16:00. Price 125Q. It does a 20 minute break for food underway. Also possibility to pee as they make a 5 min break in some litegua busstops. At the border you can exchange quetzals for lempira and take a collectivo to Copan Ruinas town for 25L.

  2. James Reid

    Ciudad de Guatemala to río dulce by FDN and return by same. Make sure to know which side of the river you want to get off in Rio dulce as the bridge approaches are long. The ticket office in Rio dulce is right on the highway guatamala bound side close to the bridge.

  3. Martina

    Flores to Rio Dulce
    – different 1st and 2nd class buses leaving from Flores to Rio Dulce
    – information is available at the tourist information in Flores (only for 1st class buses) or at the bus terminal which is located in Santa Elena, a 20 min. walk from Flores straight up the road.
    – Companies running are Fuente del Norte and Linea Dorada
    – duration approx. 4 hours

    Rio Dulce to San Pedro Sula
    – 10 am, approx. 6h
    – Company running is Fuente del Norte

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