Guatemala City

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*Prices do change so those listed above may not be exact
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(Q = Guatemalan Quetzal)



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  1. Ahmed Alsaleh

    Guatemala City to Ruta de las Flores;

    Public Bus station in Guatemala city “Chicken buses”:

    In front of Pollo Campero at 5A Avenida 1, Cdad. de Guatemala. Near TORRE DEL REFORMADOR.

    Nearst Transmetro bus stations are Estación Terminal and Estación Torre del Reformador.

    It is displayed on the buses the destination but better to ask the bus conductor about “Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Las Chinamas, El Salvador.( 50 -60 Quetzales).

    (Locals are willing to help happily, so don’t hesitate to ask.)

    After Guatemala Immigrations in Valle Nuevo, cross the bridge towards El Salvador Immigrations.

    Then take the bus to Ahuachapan (0.25$)
    from there walk towards Parada de Autobuses and take bus # 249 to Routa de las flores.

    Again, (Locals are willing to help happily, so don’t hesitate to ask).

    Total trip should cost under 10$.

  2. Tim

    To Antigua:
    Busses leave from El Trebol in the Westside going southwest in the big street Cross. Busses leave frequently and Takes around 2,5 h.

    From Panajachel:
    Bus from Panajachel to Solola -> to los encuentros -> Guatemala city around El Trebol.

    To and from Flores:
    Fuente dem Norte offer day in and night Busses. The terminal is small and very chaotic! Ask around about the times and which bus is which one AS often as possible! And watch your pockets! I almost got pickpocked. Latest nightbus leaves at 10:30. Cheapest Option is 250Q. ADN seems to offer also busses to Flores (No experiance)

    To/from Rio Dulce:
    Also fuente del Norte (from and to Flores) Passes here. Googlemaps shows the terminal in Rio Dulce.

  3. James Reid

    Guatemala city to Santa Ana El salvador August 2021
    From the hotel las Américas near the airport in Guatemala where transporte del sol has an office to the highway just outside of Santa ana. Bus leaves at 5:30 am and takes 3 hours or so, expedited border crossing on a double decker bus with coffee service. At Santa Ana ask a local where the chicken bus stops to go to El Centro. Very easy to do.

  4. Dave

    To get to Antigua: Busses leave from El Trebol (main bus stop for chicken busses), duration 1h, cost 10 Q, end at the mercado municipal in Antigua.

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