San Salvador – Terminal del Sur

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The Terminal del Sur is a newer station outside of San Salvador and services locations to the south east of the city. The most common traveller destinations out of this terminal are Zacatecolouca,  Usulután  and the El Salvador International Airport. It’s a bit far out of town and a taxi to/from San Benito area (ie. Tica Bus Station) will cost about $7 and take anywhere from 15minutes to 1/2hr depending on traffic.


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In general the majority of buses operate between just before sunrise until sunset. Times are listed when we have them, but remember, you are in El Salvador and even the locals say the schedules are 'loco' sometimes. Always plan enough time in your day for travel and plan to be at your destination before the sun sets. Avoid arriving when it's getting dark. Short distance buses will cost between $0.25 and $1.50 and longer distance buses $1.50-$3.00. Some routes offer more than one class of travel: regular class and especial which often has a/c and makes fewer stops but cost a little more. Also, know that you and only you are responsible for your own health and safety in your travels and the choices you make. Travel safe and travel smart - and have fun!



Outside the terminal
Photo: March 2017

Inside the terminal
Photo: 2017

Inside the terminal
Photo: March 2017

Inside the station
Photo: March 2017

Directly outside the terminal. Bus 138 from the airport passes here heading to San Salvador
Photo: 2017

Directly outside of the terminal is a walkway to take you to the other side of the highway. Microbus 138 passes here heading to the airport
Photo: March 2017

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  1. Marvin Ferrufino

    Hola Buenos dias tengo una duda, la ruta 302 San Salvador a Usulutan esta habilitada? pregunto por el incoveniente de la carretera litoral que esta cerrada por las lluvias

  2. Mari

    Aque oras sale el ultimo bus asia usulutan el dia sabado

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