Playa Grande

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Playa Grande finally has a bus service from Huacas! In the past you had to take a taxi from here. There are two buses per day now from Huacas, one in the morning and one in the evening. The cost is about 1100 colones. We are on our way there to find out the exact times.


Playa Grande to Liberia

We have recently heard that there are two buses per day from Playa Grande to Liberia. One at 7:20am and one at 3:20pm. If you know the price, let us know in the comments below!


Tamarindo to Playa Grande

Grab the bus heading to Liberia and get off in Huacas. From there grab one of the two buses per day going to Playa Grande. See above. Or, grab a taxi but don’t pay more than $10.


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The bus stop at Huacas.

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  1. Orlanso

    If you are staying in Tamarindo and you wanna go and check playa grande you can just take a taxiboat to cross the estuary it change $1 and its around 40/50 min walking around the beach.
    And from Huacas to playa grande there are only two buses, one in the morning 6:20 am and in afternoon 2:20 pm and from playa Grande to Huacas its the same tow buses 7:10 pm and 3:10 pm.

  2. Vicky

    Great website, so helpful. Thank you!

    We have just done the trip from Liberia to Playa Grande today.

    At Liberia Bus terminal we did try asking for a ticket to Playa Grande to chance if there were any direct buses. We were given a ticket to Tamarindo instead and the bus driver confirmed he wasn’t going to Playa Grande.

    We used the 10am Tamarindo bus (1400c) and got off at Huacas just after midday. Two separate bus drivers told us there would be a bus to Playa Grande at 2pm. There’s plenty of places to grab lunch in Huacas if you have a wait. At 2:20pm the bus showed up, it was 250c and left from the same stop in Huacas where we were dropped off which is opposite El Pacifico Restaurant, and in front of the football court.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Vicky!

  3. Kate

    We went from Liberia to Playa Grande on a Sunday and the buses to Tamarindo are so infrequent so be prepared to wait!

    We ended up waiting for over 2 hours at the bus stop and it eventually came at 3:10pm. Even all the locals we asked had no idea when it was coming and we’re getting annoyed too!

    The taxis from Huacas will quote you $20 so just tell them before you get in you are paying $10 dollars. We tried 3 taxis until we got one that would take us for $10.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks so much, Kate! This is really helpful info for your fellow travellers. The Tamarindo area is one of the most inconsistent for schedule times. Always changing and always delays. If you are still in the area and get a chance to ask a driver to tell you the schedule, please ask and then post it here. I am constantly asking ticket sellers and drivers for the time table and updating Tamarindo info. Thanks again!

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