Peñas Blancas

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Buses leaving Peñas Blancas at the Nicaragua border are plentiful. It’s very easy to get to Rivas, Managua and San Jorge from here.

If you’re looking to head to Costa Rica from here, check the Peñas Blancas page for Costa Rica.

Peñas Blancas to Rivas

Chicken buses leave towards Rivas about every 20 minutes and chances are you will not have to wait long. There will also be a line up of taxis waiting and hoping to catch your eye. If there are a few of you then it could be economical to grab one.


Peñas Blancas to San Juan del Sur

Grab one of the many buses heading to Rivas for 30C$ and ask to be let off in La Virgin – this is basically a fork in the road where one road goes to SJDS and the other to Rivas. From here you can get another bus for 20C$ to San Juan del Sur. Take a look at the San Juan del Sur page to see where you need to get off and how to change buses. If you don’t want to get off in La Virgin, you can go all the way to Rivas, and switch to the SJDS bus.


Peñas Blancas to Managua (via Rivas)

There are regular chicken buses to Managua that leave about every 20 mins and cost 67C$ (2017). The trip is about 3hr 20min.

There are also 4 Expreso buses a day from Peñas Blancas to Managua. They pass by the Rotonda in Rivas at on their way and leave the border at 12:30pm , 1:40pm, 2:20pm, 4:20pm. They cost 87C$(2017) and are slightly nicer than chicken buses. Travel time is about 2.5hrs.

All buses arrive at the Terminal Mercado Roberto Huembes.


Peñas Blancas to San Jorge

Two options. Go to Rivas and switch to the bus that goes to San Jorge. This bus passes on the street on the north side of the terminal. Or, get off at the Rotonda at the edge of Rivas and wait for the bus to pass heading to San Jorge. Just ask when you are there where you should stand. Saying “La parada por San Jorge” should be all you need to say.


International Buses

If you are heading a long distance and want to travel on a more premium service you will get the opportunity to purchase tickets with one of the higher end bus companies (Tica Bus, Nica Bus, Central Line, Transnica, Nica Expreso) before you exit the border. Once you are on the other side you will only have immediate access to local busses and taxis.


Costa Rica Border

Here is what the border looks like on the Costa Rica side: Peñas Blancas – Costa Rica – buses come and go very regularly for Liberia and San José. Have a look at the page for Peñas Blancas in Costa Rica for bus times and schedules.


Read about the crossing!

Here is a fresh travel blog about the experience from – Border Crossing from Nicaragua to Costa Rica 


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The border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Just outside of the border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Just outside of the border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Taxi lineup at the border just outside of the border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Just outside of the border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

Just outside of the border entrance/exit.

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

If you are heading from Piñas Blancas to the San Juan del Sur, this is where you will be getting off. Cross the road to the other side and walk 50 meters to a stop for the bus heading to San Juan del Sur

Photo taken: March 10, 2016

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  1. An

    Did Monteverde to San Juan del Sur a few weeks ago.

    First: Monteverde to Liberia by shuttle for about 35 dollars, you can book it at the main info centre in Monteverde, they do need multiple people in the shuttle, but they combine Liberia with destinations in the Guanacaste province, so I guess you should be able to find a shuttle if you want to.

    Liberia – Penas Blancas. At the bus station there will be a guy shouting ‘Frontera, frontera’ (border), and it will bring you all the way up to the Costa Rican border office.

    At the border: you might need to go to the ‘green building’ to pay for your travel-out-of-costa-rica registration, the building is on the right when you get out of the bus, you have to go down a small stairs. Then you go into the CR office, get your stamp and walk to the Nicaraguan border. On the way some officers might ask to see you passport.

    Then you walk a couple of minutes to the Nicaragua office. But first, outside the building there is a small doctors office, that is where they check your covid test and they give you a small paper if everything is all right. Then go into the Nicaraguan border office and get your stamp. (They did ask me where I was staying and what my phone number was) After you did all the border stuff you can walk to your bus.

    Penas Blancas – SJDS
    From the immigration office you have to walk a couple of minutes to the bus. Taxi and bus people will ask you and want to help you. But you can continue walking to the bus station. It’s on the left, a couple of hundred meters away. There find a bus that can bring you to La Virgen and follow the steps as others described. My first bus from the border was $3 (way to much, but you might be able to haggle it down, I was unfortunately not and I wanted to leave the border) for the second bus I payed with $1 and got some money back.

  2. Alejandro

    Hola, sabes sobre las tarifas actuales para entrar y salir de Costa Rica y Nicaragua?
    Muchas gracias, tus tips me han sido de gran ayuda para planear mi viaje.😃

  3. Rui

    Hello to you have the schedulle of the buses from san josé to Peñas Blancas?

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks! I will post this above.


        Awesome 🙂

  4. Luis Cabrera

    Cuanto kilometre hay De Rivas a Pena black y cuanto horas we hace.

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, es 36km y 1-1.5hr dependemente el hora de dia y cuantos pasajeros.

  5. Don Reid

    How long might one have to wait for the next bus from La Virgin to SJDS ?

  6. Karla Ramos

    Porque tienen empleados Ladrones? Porque todo el tiempo quieren recibir “mordidas” para dejar ir a la gente trabajadora.
    Ah, se me olvida que los narcos SI les dan el dinero que piden!
    Tengo nombres de algunos agentes sería bueno publicarlo por este medio verdad?

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, Karla. Somos viajeros y no tenemos relaciones con las empresas de buses en Costa Rica. Es major a contactar el Gobierno de Costa Rica o la oficina de tourisimo si tienes problemas.

  7. Baptista

    Hello! May I ask a question? I will arrive in Peñas Blancas not before 6pm. Are there some places to sleep in Peñas Blancas or night bus in Nicaragua?
    Thanks for this complete site !

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Baptista! I am sorry I don’t have information about accommodation near Peñas Blancas. I would suggest staying in Rivas or San Juan del Sur and then making the trip in the morning. Both are very close to the border. Good luck and safe travels!

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