Chinandega – Mercado Bisne

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The Mercado Bisne is Chinandega’s main terminal. It is a big open space where busses drive in one end and leave out the other. All of the ordinary chicken busses are lined up and clearly marked in one area and the microbuses in another.

If you are heading to Potosi, Jiquilillo, El Viejo or Mechapa you need to head to El Mercadito. A taxi should cost you 20C$ (cordobas) and take about 5 minutes. Don’t be shocked if someone gets in the taxi with you, most of them are colectivos.


Chinandega to Managua

You will arrive in Managua at the Mercado Israel Lewites.

(microbus), 87C$, leaves when full, from 4:30am to 5:30pm, about 2hrs

(bus) 77C$, expresso, leaves 26times per day from 4:30am to 5:50pm, 2.5hrs


Chinandega to Leon

You will arrive at the main terminal in León. Both microbus and regular chicken bus are available.

(microbus) leaves when full, ~40C$, ~1hr (4:30am – 8pm)

(bus) every 20 minutes, ~18C$, 1.5hr (4:30am – 6pm)


Chinandega to the Border (Guasaule)

(bus)37C$, every 25mins from 4am to 5pm, about 2hrs

(microbus)~58C$, 4:30am to 7pm, leaves when full about 1h 40min.


Chinandega to Matagalpa

Only two times pre day at 5am (maybe 5:30am) and 2pm (maybe 2:45pm) to Matagalpa. Sorry, another spot where we consistently got two different answers. The trip takes about 3.5hrs.


Chinandega to El Corinto

(bus) about every 15 minutes from 5am to 6pm


Chinandega to Chichigalapa

(bus) about every 11 minutes from 5am to 7pm. The cost is 10C$ and takes about 25minutes

(microbus) no info but assuming often, cheap and quick!


Chinandega to San Francisco

Four buses per day the firs starts at 6:15am and the last is at 1:10pm. The trip takes about 5hrs and costs 84C$.


Chinandega to Cincos Pinso

Six times per day, the first starting at 6:15am and the last at 4pm.


Chinandega to Posoltega

Twelve buses per day between 7am and 4pm.



There is a Super 7 gas station located right outside of the exit  – in case you need an ATM right away.


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Leon Managua

El Guasaule, El Corinto, Chichigalapa, Cincos Pinos, San Francisco, Posoltega


Entrance to the terminal - Microbus to Leon in the background.
Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Microbus to Leon

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Inside the station

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Inside the station

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Inside the station

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Inside the station - looking towards the exit. Just outside the exit is a Super7 gas station if you should need an ATM immediately.
Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Inside the station

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Should you need a bathroom...

Inside the station

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

Street outside of the Main terminal. If you have taken a minibus from Leon it is very likely it will stop here and let most everyone off. The entrance to the terminal is about 10 meters away.

Photo taken: March 1, 2016

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  1. Susanna Freymann

    Dear Sir or Madams,

    at the 6. of february I must take a bus from Managua Airport to Chinandega. A friend, who is living in Nicaragua, told me, that gives a Microbus which is driving directly to Chinandega without a stop in Leon. And this bus is driving often a day.
    Can you help me?
    gives a bus which is driving from the airport in Managua to Chinandega?
    When yes, on which times the bus is driving? how much cost the drive and do I need a ticket befor? and where is the bus station from where the bus is start to drive?

    I hope, you can help me!


    Susanna Freymann

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