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Great blog post alert –> Here is some fresh advice (2020) from These Foreign Roads for getting from Antigua to El Salvador (many spots!)!!


How to get from Antigua to Lake Atitlan.


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  • what is the schedule and which bus did you take
  • how was the bus ride
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*Prices do change so those listed above may not be exact
*Travel time varies depending on route and how many stops you make.
(Q = Guatemalan Quetzal)



3 travel tips for Antigua - share your tips below!

  1. Josephine Burns

    Antigua to Panajachel
    ●Chicken bus Antigua to Chimal (10q/$1.30) 1 hour
    ●Chicken bus Chimal to Los Encuentros (30q/$3.90) 1 hour
    ●Chicken bus Los Encuentros to Solola (4q/50c) 40mins
    ●Chicken bus Solola to Pana (5q/65c) 15mins

    Super easy route, they herd you from bus to bus and we only had to wait maybe five minutes for one bus, the others connected perfectly.

  2. Dominik

    Hi everybody!

    We stayed a couple of days in Antigua and at Lake Atitlan and here is short info about the connections:

    1, From Antigua there are chicken buses to (and probably many others):
    – Guatemala City (1h, Q10)
    – Chimaltenango (0,5 – 1h, Q5)
    – Escuintla (1 – 1,5h, Q10)
    – Quetzaltenango (locals call it Xela)

    2, Shuttles to lake Atitlán
    Wherever you ask (in Antigua, San Pedro or Panachajel) they will offer you the shuttle. Eventually, you found out that the schedule is everywhere the same but the price varies. The cheapest what we found was Antigua – Panachajel for Q60, Antigua – San Pedro Q70, but you can try to bargain and maybe get a better price.

    3, Chicken bus to lake Atitlán (Panachajel)
    There is probably no direct chicken bus from Antigua to Panachajel, but this could be the option:

    Antigua – Chimaltenango
    Chimaltenango – Los Encuentros (we found direct bus Chimaltenango – Panachajel)
    Los Encuentros – Solola
    Solola – Panachajel
    Panachajel – Ferry to the other places (incl, San Pedro, Marco, Juan…)

    4, Shuttles to anywhere
    In general, you can find a shuttle to almost anywhere (including surrounding countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua…). The question is how much are you willing to pay and in some cases they are not running every day. Ask in any tour office and they will provide you with all the information.

    Do not worry to ask locals, they were usually kind and helpful. We did not bargain for the chicken bus price, but it seemed to us that the locals are paying the same.

    Safe travels!

  3. Martina

    GC to Antigua
    – Busses leave from El Trebol (main bus stop for chicken busses), duration 1h, cost 10 Q, end at the mercado municipal in Antigua

    Antigua to Lanquin (Semuc Champey)
    – To go by chicken bus is more or less the same cost like taking a shuttle and takes longer
    – duration with a shuttle is one day
    – cost 100 Q with aventurasturisticas email:

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