San Salvador – Terminal de Occidente

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This is a huge station and feels a lot more organized and clean than Terminal de Oriente.  Buses pull up to their respective departure points and they are all clearly labeled. In front of some you can find a little hut with an employee inside to answer any questions you may have. Buses run very regularly and they even have a working website (amazing) where you can check your routes and times!  There are way too many schedules to list so have a look: here.


City bus to the Terminal de Occidente

In the City, bus 34-B will take you to the Terminal from the San Benito area. If you are at the Tica Bus station or at the La Zona hostel you can check the bus stop here in Google Maps. From the Ceiba de Guadeloupe the 34-A will get you there. These two also pass the Terminal de Occidente and continue along to Terminal de Oriente. There are likely more city bus options, but these are the two we have taken more than a few times.


Terminal de Occidente to La Libertad (or Tunco, Sunzal)

You can get both a regular bus and an a/c microbus to La Libertad (or continue on to Tunco or Sunzal). The regular bus leaves from inside the station and the a/c microbus 102A will pass in front on the highway.


Terminal de Occidente to Santa Ana

You have a couple of different bus options for Santa Ana as well. There are regular buses and especial (nice red coloured a/c TUDO bus). Used to pass in front but now told it leaves from inside.


Terminal de Occidente to Sonsonate

Off to the left when you walk into the station you will find both a regular bus ($1) and an especial (a/c, $1.30) leaving for Sonsonate. If you’re travelling on a Friday or Saturday there is sure to be a big lineup. But buses essentially pull up, fill up, and pull away and another one comes right away. Buses leave every 20 minutes or so.


More destination information coming soon… 



Ruta 102 – La Libertad
Ruta 107 – Teotepeque
Ruta 108 – San Juan Opico y Joya de Cerén
Ruta 192 – La Perla
Ruta 202 – Ahuachapán y Chalchuapa
Ruta 201 – Santa Ana y Sitio Arqueológico San Andrés
Ruta 205 – Sonsonate
Ruta 406 – Frontera La Chinamas
Ruta 498 – Candelaria de la Frontera y Frontera La Hachadura


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We do note 100% guarantee accurate information. In general the majority of buses operate between just before sunrise until sunset. Times are listed when we have them, but remember, you are in El Salvador and even the locals say the schedules are 'loco' sometimes. Always plan enough time in your day for travel and plan to be at your destination before the sun sets. Avoid arriving when it's getting dark. Short distance buses will cost between $0.25 and $1.50 and longer distance buses $1.50-$3.00. Some routes offer more than one class of travel: regular class and especial which often has a/c and makes fewer stops but cost a little more. Also, know that you and only you are responsible for your own health and safety in your travels and the choices you make. Travel safe and travel smart - and have fun!




Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

Photo taken: March 16, 2016

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  1. Juan

    Hi! Sorry to bother, i’ve found this web trough google, and i can tell you this one is really usefull! I’ll be in El Salvador in March 2024, and i would like to go direct to Santa Ana, may i ask if there is any way to go from El Salvador International Airport to the Terminal the Occidente? Another one, is there any direct way to go from Santa Ana to La Union (im planning to spend some days at the Zacatillo Island)? Best Regards!

  2. Xavier

    The 102 and 102-A buses to La Libertad do not leave from the terminal any more. The 102 (don’t know about the 102-A) stops just outside the terminal at the Uno fuel station, if you hail them. They are all green buses. It took 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach La Libertad, I don’t know if this is normal or just because we stopped for a long time in Santa Tecla (10 minutes?). Price was 0,59 USD.

  3. Alexis

    Faltan rutas del departamento de la libertad como: Sacacoyo (184), San José Los Sitios(165), Tepecoyo (106) , Jayaque (105) , y unas de Sonsonate como: San Julián (203), Armenia (208) la 279 que no recuerdo el lugar de origen

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