San José – Pulmitan de Liberia

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The Pulmitan de Liberia bus station in San José has several buses per day heading to Liberia, Playa del Coco,  Cañas, Tilarán, Aguas Claras, Upala, Las Juntas, Santa Cecilia.


It looks like the company has a new website: Groupos Caribeños –  and they have added a schedule. Finally!


San José to Liberia

See schedule below. Directo buses are about 30minutes faster. Time to Liberia: 4.5hrs. Price 4225₡ (Feb 2019). This bus should pass the SJO airport in Alajuela. But always double-check with the driver when you get on.


San José to Upala

See schedule below.  Time to Upala: 5hrs. Price 4610₡. *told the 5:15am bus is now at 5am.

San José to Cañas

See schedule below.  Time to Cañas: 3.5hrs. Price 2915₡.


San José to Playa del Coco

Three buses there and 3 buses back:  8am, 2pm and 4pm. Returning from Playa del Coco to San José at 4am, 8am and 2am. The price as of May 2017 is 4665₡. Travel time 5hrs. Also have a read through this great blog post by the Costa Rica travel experts, Mytanfeet for a play by play of their trip from San José to Playa del Coco. This bus should pass the SJO airport in Alajuela. But always double-check with the driver when you get on.


San José to Tilarán

See schedule below. Directo buses are about 30minutes faster. Time to Tilarán: 5hrs. Price 4020₡. 2017.

From Tilarán you can switch buses to one that heads to La Fortuna. The bus to Tilarán is 5hrs and, although it looks close on the map, the onward bus to La Fortuna is also a few hours.  If you are heading from San José to La Fortuna, the better option is to go to the 7-10 Station and get the direct bus to La Fortuna.


San José to Agua Claras

See schedule below.  Time to Agua Claras: 5hrs. Price 3650₡.


San José to Las Juntas

See schedule below.  Time to Las Juntas: 3.5hrs. Price 1845₡.


San José to Santa Cecilia

See schedule below.  Time to Santa Cecilia: 5hrs. Price 3935₡.


Trip Planning

If you are still planning for your upcoming trip, I am told this Trip Planner from Gecko Trail is quite useful to help you prioritize where you want to spend your time! Gecko Trail is a ICT certified Travel Agency that has great core values and gives back to the community. So much to see and do in this beautiful country!


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Liberia – Pulmitan Station

Tilarán, Cañas, Aguas Claras, Upala, Playas del Coco, Las Juntas, Santa Cecelia


Photo taken May 2017

Photo taken May 2017

Photo taken May 2017

Food options inside the station

Bathrooms inside the station

Outside the station

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  1. Nuria

    parada por el camino*

  2. Nuria

    Hola! El bus San Jose – Las Juntas donde hace camino por el camino? Sabe si me podria dejar en Limonal? O hay alguna ruta que pare en Limonal?


  3. Jhousiry

    Horarios de los buses de san José a cañas

  4. Fabian

    Donde quedan las paradas de quebrada grande de Liberia

  5. Fernanda

    Donde puedo agarrar el bus que va para Liberia en Alajuela que no tenga que ir a San José?

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, necesita preguntar la empresa si que le pasa por el aeropuerto en routa a San Jose.

  6. JP

    Hi, thanks for running this site! The cost of the San Jose – Liberia route is now 4225C (18/02/19). Also the time for the Upala – San Jose route has changed from 5:15am to 5:00am. Can send updated photos of the time boards if you like.

    • centrocoasting

      Thanks! We would love the current schedule. You can make a post on our Facebook Page.

  7. Melissa

    Hi !!
    Is there a bus schedule from from pulmitan de Liberia station in San Jose near the airport till Liberia airport
    Thank you

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Melissa, you can head from San Jose to Liberia and then when in Liberia either get a taxi to the air port – or, you can switch to the other bus station, which is 2 blocks away from where you arrive, and get on a bus headed to Nicoya or Tamarindo and that bus will pass the airport.

  8. Christina Joy

    Just did San Jose (CR) to San Juan del Sur (NI) three days ago. I used this site – ‘centro coasting’ – to do it. Can’t thank you enough. The information you provided was exactly as you stated.

    Here is the info from my trip:

    Used the Pulmitan bus from San Jose to Penas Blancas (about $9). Bus was super nice, double decker, air conditioned…etc. Ride is about 5-6 hours. It is direct – only one or two other stops. I cannot recommend this bus enough – definitely exceeded my expectations.

    Next, I took the regular bus from the border (Penas Blancas) to La Virgin. This was about 20 – 25 minutes and cost about $2. You can also grab a taxi from Penas Blancas directly to SJdS for about $20.

    If you take the bus, get out at La Virgin. Tell the bus driver where you are going. They are super awesome about making sure tourists don’t get lost and will tell you when to get off. If you walk up the street towards SJdS there is a bus stop about 1/8 mile up the road.

    Lots of times you can catch a collectivo taxi (be sure to say “collectivo” to the driver and ask how much it costs before you get in the car). If you get in a regular taxi they will try to charge you $20 – which is nutz balls expensive considering you are only 15 kilometers away. A collectivo taxi will cost only $2. A bus from the bus stop will be about $1 and will pass every hour or so.

    The biggest expense I had was in Costa Rica – a $25 taxi ride from the San Jose International Airport to the Pulmitan bus station. I was in a hurry and needed to get to the Pulmitan station before the last bus at 6pm. Except for that I spent about $12 on everything else.

    This is the schedule of times for the Pulmitan bus. The website is impossible to find if you are searching in English. Doesn’t even have their name in the title…which is beyond weird.

  9. Mario Morera

    Buenas voy para Villasol en playa hermosa, voy desde San José cuál bus pasa por ahí o que me recomiendan.

  10. Marcela Busby

    Hi guys, Thank you for having this site! A while back I took a bus from Puerto Viejo de Limon to San Jose (airport) and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the bus company. Any ideas? I see Pulmitan de Liberia goes to the Pacific Coast but not the Tropical side, or am I seeing this wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Kamaria

    Hi the cost is 4,205 as of July 9 2018. Thank you this was so helpful!

  12. Idan

    What is the bus from San Jose to Panama city?
    Thank you

    • centrocoasting

      I would try Ticabus. It is a long way and there is a bus that goes from capital city to capital city.

  13. Sébastien

    Where can I wait for the bus to Liberia in Alajuela (Airport)

    • centrocoasting

      Hello! You need to get to the Pulmitan de Liberia station in San Jose and get the bus from there. You can take a taxi or take a city bus. Ask one of the taxi drivers or helpers at the bus stop in front of the airport for which bus takes you close to the Pulmitan Station.

  14. Katherine

    Where can I buy tickets online in advance to go from San Jose to Liberia?

    • centrocoasting

      Hey there, you can’t buy this ticket in advance online yet.

  15. Edith


    Donde es la parada/estacion en Liberia (agarrando el bus de San Jose a Liberia)? Busco informacion para saber que tan cerca queda del aeropuerto en Liberia. Gracias!

  16. centrocoasting

    Lo siento no somos una agenica, solo viajeros y este website es como una blog. No podemos recojer pasajeros. Por Guatemala te recomienda tomar una bus de Ticabus o Platinum. Pueden buscar el websites en Google. Gracias.

  17. Dorian

    Otra pregunta: tienen conexiones a centro america…. a Guatemala para ser mas especificos. como funcionaria??

  18. Dorian

    cuanto tiempo toma de San Jose a Liberia??

  19. Dorian

    Buenas tardes. cuantas horas se toma el viaje desde San Jose hasta Liberia?

    • centrocoasting

      Aproximadamente 4.5 horas

  20. Patricia Conejo Rojas

    Información sobre encomiendas a Tilarán. Horario y costos

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, Patricia, necesita llamar la empresa sobre encomiendas. +506 2222 0610

  21. Alistair young

    do the liberia buses stop at bagaces?

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Alistair, the bus should pass through there. I believe the bus headed to the border with Transportes Deldu also does.

  22. santiago perez

    Cordial saludo
    Hay tres personas que quieren viajar desde San Jose hasta Liberia el dia 25 de Noviembre y regreso el 30 de Noviembre
    Ellos llegan a San Jose el dia 25 de Nov a las 09:30 en el vuelo internacional delde Colombia
    A que hora podrian tomar el bus
    Cuanto cuesta el tiquete por persona
    El regreso es a las 10 am
    A que hora podrian salir desde Liberia ese 30 de Noviembre
    Mil gracias por su interes

    Santiago Perez

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, Santiago! Toda la información que necesita está por encima. El horario por buses de San Jose a Liberia es la primera photographia (desde May 2017). El precio es 3920₡ (desde Mayo 2017). Y, el bus llega por este estacion El horario por Liberia a San Jose es incluido en la pagina de Liberia. El aeropuerto es aproximadamente 30minutes afuera San Jose. Necesita tomar un taxi al estacion para tomar el bus. Cuando llegan a Liberia pueden comprar los boletos para regressar 30 Nov. Bien viaje!!

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