Liberia Airport

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The Liberia Airport is located about a 30 minute bus ride from the centre of town.There is no schedule posted but busses run very regularly. The bus stop is mostly shaded, so have a seat and relax and enjoy the heat!  Busses to Nicoya and Liberia centre will pass approximately every half hour and busses to Tamarindo will pass approximately every hour.  Should you chose a taxi you are looking at about $20USD and about a 15minute drive. Taxis are easy to get and a bunch will be waiting for you outside the airport. Before you agree to hire the driver, be sure you confirm your fare.


Liberia Airport to Nicoya

This bus passes about every 1/2hr and as of 2016 the cost is 1240₡. The trip to Nicoya takes about 2hrs.


Liberia Airport to Nosara

In Liberia the bus to Nicoya will pass by the airport very regularly. You can grab this bus to Nicoya and then from there you can switch to the bus to Nosara. Have a look at the Nicoya page for the schedule to Nosara.  In Nicoya you need to change terminals. Don’t worry they are only about 5 blocks apart. Check the Nicoya page for more information.


Liberia Airport to Samara

In Liberia the bus to Nicoya will pass by the airport very regularly. You can grab this bus to Nicoya and then from there you can switch to the bus to Samara. Have a look at the Nicoya page for the schedule to Samara.  In Nicoya you need to change terminals. Don’t worry they are only about 5 blocks apart. Check the Nicoya page for more information.


Liberia Airport to Tamarindo

The bus going to Tamarindo from Liberia will pass right in front of the airport. They don’t come quite as often as the Nicoya bus but they do come almost every hour. As of May 2017 the trip to costs 1365₡ and takes about 2hrs (with some routes taking a longer route. Check the Liberia Municipal Station Page for the Schedule)


Normally the bus going both to and from Tamarindo will pass right in front of the airport. However, we have had reports of the bus coming from Tamarindo sometimes not making the detour off the main highway to the airport doors. The distance from the highway to the airport doors is about 2km. This is one of the annoying inconsistencies in the CR bus service!  If you are headed to the airport make sure you ask the driver if he is going to the airport.


Liberia Airport to Liberia Municipal Station

Wait at the bus stop in front of the airport and if the bus says Liberia on it, then it is heading to the station. This bus will pass about ever 30 minutes and will cost about 500₡. It’s a short trip. A taxi on the other hand will cost about $20.


Liberia Airport to Santa Teresa or Montezuma

Grab the that says Liberia on it. This will take you to the Municipal Station. Have a look at the page for more info about this station. From there switch to the bus heading to Puntarenas. These buses leave about every hour. Once in Puntarenas you need to get to the ferry. This is about a 15block walk or a $5 taxi ride. Check the Puntarenas page for more details on the location of the terminal and the ferry schedule. Once you get to the other side (Paquera) there will be buses heading to Cobanó and from Cobanó you can switch to the bus to either Santa Teresa or Montezuma. Sometimes if you are lucky you will get be in Paquera at the same time as the direct bus from San José to Santa Teresa or Montezuma and you can get on that one and avoid having to switch in Cobanó.


Trip Planning

If you are still planning for your upcoming trip, I am told this Trip Planner from Gecko Trail is quite useful to help you prioritize where you want to spend your time! Gecko Trail is a ICT certified Travel Agency that has great core values and gives back to the community. So much to see and do in this beautiful country!


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Outside the Liberia airport looking at the bus stop

Photo taken: January 22, 2016

Outside the Liberia airport looking at the bus stop

Photo taken: January 22, 2016

Outside the Liberia sitting at the bus stop

Photo taken: January 22, 2016

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26 travel tips for Liberia Airport - share your tips below!

  1. Swagger

    July 16, 2022

    Just want to provide some useful factual information for those of us who may be traveling to Playa Matapalo aka Hotel Riu Guanacaste or RIU Palace. This week I left San Jose from the Pulmitan station to the RIU Palace located at Matapalo Beach. I took the bus from the Pulmitan Bus Terminal in San Jose and got off the bus at the Pulmitan Terminal in Liberia. From the Pulmitan Terminal in Liberia, walk about 1 block to the Municipal Bus Station. From there you must look out for the bus that says “Arturo – Playa Matapalo” and be sore to tell the driver where you want to get off at and he will drop you off at the main gates of the RIU Guanacaste.

    On the way back to San Jose for the RIU Guanacaste, we took an UBER to Playas Del Coco. From there we grabbed the Pulmitan Bus back to San jose Terminal. Rather than being ripped off and spending $60-90 per person for a shuttle, or worse taxi, just follow these instructions and take the bus. Its provides for an interesting trip and builds up some anticipation before arriving at the Hotel. Hotel RIU Guanacaste over all was very nice if you can afford it, food was ok nothing special. The beach was ok, nothing special. The area and grounds were very nice and clean and safe. Would I stay there again? Probably not, I would rather got to Mexico and get more bang for my buck and have better beaches, more to do and save some money.

    Be aware that most people today forget covid is still going around and “some ignorant people” seem to think just because the have 2+ covid vaccines that they are safe, let me tell you, “your not.” You can and will still get covid and you can still end up in the hospital in some cases and die. So, wear your mask people, carry hand sanitizer with you, and be vigilant. If you don’t, then just remember “Swagger warned you!”


  2. William Lawrence

    Took. Us from airport to Liberia today and fare was 525. They stopped at a few stops across the highway after airport but before heading to Liberia, but was well worth the $1 cost.

  3. Linda CR

    Hi, thanks for this info! Can you please clarify which buses actually enter LIR airport & stop ‘curbside’ near the terminal, vs which ones just stop at the highway intersection for the road leading to LIR (leaving travelers to walk 1-2km to the actual airport doors)? Looks like sometimes (Inconsistently?) the Tamarindo bus enters LIR, any others? Thanks!

  4. N. Bucur

    I arrive to Liberia airport in 2 days and i want to take a bus to playa flamingo. It’s there a direct one that goes from the airport? If yes, is it the Tamarindo bus i need? If not do i have to go to Liberia’s center and get a bus from there? Which one please?
    Hope you can help me. Thank you.

  5. Maren

    Hello! I am a little confused! I took the bus from Bihagua to Liberia to Nicoya to Nosara. It was quite the trip, but I made it! Now I am going to take the bus back from Nosara to Nicoya and then to Liberia, but I am confused if the bus from Nicoya to Liberia will pass by the airport?

    Thank you,

  6. Bob


    I plan on traveling to San Juanillo from the Liberia Airport, do know the best way taking busses? I was told to take a bus to Santa Cruz and then from there take a bus to San Juanillo, but would it be better to take a bus to Nosara and then just taxi to San Juanillo? Let me know!

    Thanks for the info by the way 🙂

  7. Layna

    im confused! Id really appreciate help! We are traveling Tuesday 2/19 from Liberia to Playa Santa Theresa. It looks like 3 buses and a FERRY RIDE , please provide individual, itemized costs for each bus, ferry etc.. my daughter has a sprained knee and is on crutches, I assume there are not bathrooms on the buses.

    • centrocoasting

      Hi Layna, sorry for the slow reply. Yes, it is a long trip! You go from Liberia to Puntarenas, then get on the ferry to Paquera, then another bus from Paquera to Cobano… then another from Cobano to Santa Teresa! You can check the Santa Teresa and Puntarenas pages for prices and more info. The Ferry may be difficult for your daughter as the stairs are steep and there is some walking to do.

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