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If you’re cruising from La Fortuna to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica you may pass through Guapiles. We will add a bit more info the next time we pass through but for now, hats off to bus traveller Brian Driscoll for helping us collect all of the information and photos for this station! How awesome is the travel community!?


Guapiles to Puerto Limon

2170₡, 89km, 2.5ish hours with traffic, double decker AC bus


Puerto Limon to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

1825₡, 59km, <2 hours with regular service stops.

In Limon you must walk to another bus station 2 blocks East to catch the Puerto Viejo bus.


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Photo June 2017

Photo June 2017

This schedule is from Guapiles to Puerto Viejo de Sarapeque, NOT PV de Talamanca. From Guapiles you must go to Puerto Limon to get to PV Talamanca.
Photo June 2017

Photo June 2017


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  1. Leslie Quesada

    A que hora sale el primer bus a la terminal de guapiles
    Y cual es el precio del pasaje

    • centrocoasting

      Hola, solo tenemos la informacion y el horarios de arriba.

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